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The Turów mine. Dispute with the Czechs. Czech prime minister: the agreement with Poland on Turów cannot be signed yet

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Negotiations with Poland on the Turów lignite mine have not yet been completed and the agreement cannot be signed, said the head of the Czech government, Petr Fiala, after the government meeting. He announced the continuation of talks, most likely at the level of prime ministers.

Fiala confirmed that the main problems remain: the amount of financial compensation and the length of judicial supervision over compliance with the agreement.

Petr Fiala: negotiations will continue

– We are unable to sign the contract. Negotiations will continue. We will probably look for a solution with the participation of the prime ministers of both countries, said the prime minister, without giving any possible dates for the next Polish-Czech meetings.

The Czech draft agreement, which was presented at the cabinet meeting by Minister of the Environment Anna Hubaczkova, provides for compensation for Prague in the amount of EUR 50 million for damages caused by the operation of the mine. Poland offers EUR 40 million. There is also a dispute over the Czech demand for ten years of judicial supervision. Warsaw talks about two years.

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– These are matters that are still open, where there is no agreement between the Czech and the Polish side – said Fiala. In his opinion, other problems are of a technical nature and are the subject of discussions between the ministries of both countries.

The Czech media quoted the spokesman of the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment, Aleksander Brzózka, who on Twitter thanked the Czech side for negotiations and openness to Polish proposals. On-line negotiations took place on Wednesday before the meeting of the Czech government.


The Turów mine. Dispute with the Czechs

Polish-Czech talks regarding the Turów lignite mine began in June 2021, when the Czech side brought a complaint to the Court of Justice of the EU against Poland regarding the extension of the mine. At the same time, Prague demanded the application of the so-called interim measure, i.e. an order to suspend production. The Czech side believes that the mine expansion threatens the access to water for the inhabitants of Liberec; They also complain about noise and dust related to mine activities.

On September 20, the CJEU imposed a fine of PLN 500,000 on Poland. euro per day for not implementing the interim measure and continuing to extract lignite from the mine. The Polish government declares that it does not intend to pay any fines. The opinion of the advocate general of the Court is to be published on 3 February this year. The Czech side has announced that reaching an agreement with Poland will mean the withdrawal of the complaint submitted to the CJEU.

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