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The Turów mine. Michał Kurtyka: There is no political will on the Czech side to reach an agreement

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This week, the 17th round of Polish-Czech negotiations took place in Prague, during which no agreement was reached on the Turów mine. – There is no political will on the Czech side to conclude it – said Michał Kurtyka, Minister of Climate and Environment. He assured that no Polish minister would ever agree to sign a de facto unspeakable agreement.

On the RMF FM radio, Kurtyka spoke about Polish-Czech negotiations on the development of an agreement for the Turów lignite mine. He emphasized that the Polish side brought to Prague a very good offer, meeting the expectations of the local community, the inhabitants of the Liberec region.

The dispute over the Turów mine. Michał Kurtyka on negotiations

He pointed out that 17 negotiating rounds had taken place in Prague, but – in his opinion – there was no political will on the Czech side to conclude an agreement. – We offered a very good offer and they changed their expectations in the final straight – added Kurtyka.

He stressed that sovereign states must sign international agreements on an equal footing. – No Polish minister will ever agree to sign an agreement that is de facto unspeakable – he said.

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– If we have a situation in which a number of obligations, a number of support – even lucrative – are directed to the Czech side, then on the other side we must respect the fact that we have two partners who are sovereign states. A sovereign state is characterized by the fact that it can enter into international agreements, it also has the right to leave them – he said.


Kurtyka was asked about the position of the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Jakub Kulhank in the face of the failure of the negotiations in Prague. According to the head of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was Poland that at the last minute made a postulate that the agreement could be terminated after two years. At the same time, he rejected the words of the Polish deputy foreign minister, Paweł Jabłoński, who assessed the Czech postulates as “irrational”.

The Minister of Climate pointed out that Paweł Jabłoński, the deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had already corrected this “obvious falsification”. – We said that we are ready to sign the contract for the duration of the mining activity and we are ready for it to remain in force. There is no such situation here – said Kurtyka.

– I can see that there is some kind of political strategy on the other side that aims to prevent the signing of this agreement – he assessed.

The dispute over the Turów mine – penalties for Poland

In May this year. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), responding to the request of the Czech Republic, ordered the immediate suspension of coal mining in Turów. The Polish government announced that the mine would continue to operate and started talks with the Czech side. On September 20, the CJEU decided that Poland was to pay the European Commission 500,000. euros per day for not implementing interim measures and not stopping lignite mining at the Turów mine.

On Friday, the 17th round of Polish-Czech negotiations took place in Prague. Kurtyka informed that the talks did not bring any results due to the Czech side escalating demands, the fulfillment of which would make the negotiated agreement on Turow “unspeakable”.

Main photo source: PAP / Aleksander Koźmiński

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