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The two-year-old was taken to hospital with 19% burns on her body. It is not known how she got burned

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The two-year-old has second-degree burns on her legs and buttocks. In total, that's 19 percent of the small body. Where did they come from? What is caused? No one knows for sure yet. Doctors write about even suspected chemical burns. Nursery workers reported redness and blisters.

What is certain in this case is that two-year-old Solomia suffered greatly. – When we came to see our daughter at the nursery: she was crying, screaming, her legs were very red. She stood there completely confused. She was in a terrible condition, says Solomia's mother, Alisa Tomych.

What burned her legs so much? Just over a month ago, her parents brought her, as usual, to one of the Wrocław nurseries. The child had to be washed during the day. The attendants took the girl to the shower. – Already during this washing, our caregiver noticed severe redness of the child's feet. They thought it was a very strong allergic reaction and immediately called an ambulance – says Piotr Kulikowski, president of the “Child Development Center”, a chain of KIDS&Co kindergartens.

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Blisters appeared on the child's legs and the skin cracked. – It must still be supplied, although it is done on an outpatient basis – emphasizes Tomasz Król from the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław. Due to the ongoing investigation, the hospital does not reveal details, but the parents provide documents showing that the two-year-old has second-degree burns on her legs and buttocks. A total of 19 percent of the body. The term: thermal and chemical burn appears, with question marks. – We talked to over 10 doctors at the hospital. Everyone unanimously agreed that it was a burn. They said the same thing in the emergency room. A doctor outside the hospital said it was a burn and it couldn't be such a strong allergy – adds the girl's mother.

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The investigation continues

The two-year-old spent over two weeks in the hospital. Further treatment and rehabilitation are necessary. The police are investigating the case. Was it an allergy, a burn from hot water, or maybe from chemicals? This question is to be answered by an expert. – She was groomed or washed with cleaning products on the day the injuries occurred. These funds are secured, and physicochemical tests of these products have also been ordered – informs senior asp. Aleksandra Freus from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław.

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– The girls were called as witnesses. Proceedings have been and, I hope, are being conducted in the case – emphasizes Piotr Kulikowski. The president of the company that runs the nursery declares help and payment for the flight. The family is demanding compensation. – It's not just about the harm she suffered. About the physical suffering she experienced. It is also about its future prospects. About what her legs will look like when she is 16-18 years old, when she goes to the swimming pool or the beach with her friends. How will this affect her self-esteem – explains Solomia's legal advisor, Tomasz Szczech. After returning from the hospital, the girl feels better and is walking.

Main photo source: ALISA TOMYCH/Private archive

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