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The Ukrainians attacked a command point on Russian territory

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The General Staff of Ukraine reported on Sunday a “successful attack on a command post” in the border region of Belgorod in Russia. The local authorities said that the perimeter had been shelled “eight times” in the last 24 hours.

The Ukrainian General Staff said in a report on Sunday that “the air force, in cooperation with other components of the defense forces, successfully struck the command post of an enemy motorized rifle regiment located in the village of Nekhoteyevka, Belgorod Oblast, Russia.”

“As a result of combat operations, explosions were recorded. The target was successfully hit,” the Ukrainian army emphasized, announcing that new details on this matter would soon appear.

Nekhoteevka, attacked by the Ukrainians, is a currently closed Russian border crossing leading to the Ukrainian Hoptivka.

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Nekhoteevka is located approximately 60 km north of Kharkov, where The Russians attacked on Saturday using guided air bombs. As a result of the attack, three people were killed and 56 people were injured, including three children.

Belgorod Oblast shelled 'eight times'

The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said on Sunday that one person was killed as a result of artillery fire by Ukrainian forces: a resident of the village of Saltykovo. Three people, he said, were injured.

According to Gladkov, the Belgorod region was shelled “eight times” over the last 24 hours. “57 missiles were fired towards the region”, the region was also attacked by four drones, one of which was shot down, Gladkov reported.

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