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The United Nations. More than half of Afghanistan’s population is at risk of starvation

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More than half of Afghanistan’s population is at risk of starvation, UN officials are alarming and appealing for unfreezing of funds that ensure the operation of humanitarian organizations in the country.

David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program (WFP), said nearly 23 million people, more than half of Afghanistan’s 39 million people, are at risk of losing food security. Two months ago, this threat affected 14 million people. – Children will die of hunger. The situation will worsen drastically. Unfortunately, this is not unusual in the face of a lack of aid funds and a collapsing economy, David Beasley told Reuters.


The situation worsened after the Taliban took power in Kabul in mid-August, which led to the suspension of the billions in subsidies Afghanistan has been dependent on for years. “These funds must be unfrozen for these people to survive,” urged the UN representative.

The UN calls for the protection of Afghan children AA / ABACA / PAP / EPA

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An appeal to the international community

The World Food Program, the United Nations’ agency dedicated to fighting hunger, estimates it needs up to $ 220 million per month to provide basic nutrition for 23 million Afghans in need.

Humanitarian organizations called on the international community to start talks with the new Afghan government to avoid an impending disaster that could lead to a wave of migration similar to that experienced by Europe in 2015, Reuters reported.

After the Taliban took control of the country, the Afghan central bank reserves deposited abroad were frozen, and disbursements under programs run by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were suspended.

Main photo source: AA / ABACA / PAP / EPA

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