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The United Right is to form a new government, but its politicians are busy looking for the reasons for the defeat

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Everyone in Poland knows what the election result is, but PiS argues that it will not translate into the election of a new government, because the majority of the opposition in the Sejm will only be apparent. There is no indication of this. The United Right is becoming less and less united, arguing and looking for those responsible for the defeat, which it denies at the same time.

This is the most surprising voice from the Presidential Palace. Paweł Sałek – advisor to the president – said that the parliamentary majority is only heard in media reports. However, the electoral result giving the majority of the democratic opposition is not a media fact, just as the declaration of the Civic Coalition, Third Way and the Left about building a government is not a media fact – especially since all this was also the content of the consultations with the president.

These are the specifics that PiS is trying to oppose to something like this. – The United States is fully aware that if the Law and Justice government falls, there will be a risk of a world war – said Antoni Macierewicz. He really said that the world is at risk of a third world war if PiS loses power. Everything indicates that he will lose, which even Przemysław Czarnek indirectly admits. – This is our problem, of course. We have not taken care of a potential coalition partner over the last two years, especially – emphasizes the Minister of Education.

Questionable subsidies and money awarded to people associated with PiSTVN24

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Voices of criticism

Jarosław Zieliński presented a larger list of mistakes of this PiS campaign. Once a strong man of PiS, today he is a bit on the sidelines. Jarosław Zieliński criticizes the favoring of government members on the PiS lists and the so-called high five for animals. Next, his list of PiS mistakes is even more surprising. – We didn’t destroy this grain influx effectively, at the beginning. Only then was it all sorted out. And the issue of the Constitutional Tribunal’s verdict, the abortion case, probably also harmed us. Incidentally, I did not sign this application because I knew it would cause a row, said Jarosław Zieliński on October 17.

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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Piotr Wawrzyk ran a grand campaign on the Internet, but at the end the campaign was significantly disrupted by the visa scandal. Now the deputy minister has issued a statement. He wrote that he was sure his name would be cleared.

Deputy Minister Michał Woś spoke about the Prime Minister’s responsibility for PiS’s results. – Many people point to, for example, small entrepreneurs and the whole gigantic mess that was caused by the new order proposed by Prime Minister Morawiecki – said Michał Woś on October 24. However, Deputy Minister Woś does not remind us that the Polish Order was also supported by Zbigniew Ziobro’s name, presence and compliments. Next to Mateusz Morawiecki and Jarosław Kaczyński – who was the first, last and most important voice in this PiS campaign.

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