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Friday, December 8, 2023

The US and Vietnam warn against the threat or use of force in the South China Sea

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The leaders of Vietnam and the United States warn against “threats or use of force” in the South China Sea. They issued a joint statement on this matter. According to the AFP agency, the message sent on the occasion of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Hanoi is clearly aimed at China.

Monday is the second day of the US President’s visit to… Vietnam. The signatories of the document, which does not explicitly mention China, are: Joe Biden and head of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong. “The leaders reiterate their unwavering support for a peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with international law, without the threat or use of force,” it said.

United States – as also written in the statement – “commit to further support Vietnam in developing autonomous defense capabilities.” The document also mentions “freedom of navigation and overflight” and the need to guarantee uninterrupted economic exchanges, as well as “respect for sovereignty” in a region which, as noted by AFP, has become an area of ​​extreme tension.

US fleet in the South China SeaUS Navy

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South China Sea

The South China Sea is considered one of the potential flashpoints for a possible conflict due to territorial disputes. China they consider almost all of this sea as their own territory, which contradicts the claims of other countries in the region to individual parts of the basin.

South China SeaPAP

Main photo source: US Navy

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