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The US decides on aid for Ukraine. The head of the CIA warns against the consequences of lack of support

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The Ukrainians can inflict heavy losses on the Russian army, but the key events for the course of the war are now taking place in Washington. Congress will once again vote on the aid package for Kiev. If it refuses, then – according to the head of the CIA – Ukraine may not be able to continue fighting.

The Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber falling in flames was very valuable because Russia no longer produces such bombers. The Russians are using these post-Soviet bombers to attack Ukraine. Russian authorities claim that the cause of the crash was a failure, but Ukrainian military intelligence showed a video showing the command center from which the attack on the plane located almost 300 kilometers to Ukraine was to be carried out.

– An enemy strategic aircraft was destroyed for the first time in the air while performing a combat mission – reports Andriy Yusov from Ukrainian military intelligence.

“The needs of our armed forces are greater than the production capacity of the entire free world.”

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But a single success of the Ukrainian army cannot stop Russian attacks. The latest, tragic example of this are the rockets that hit the center of the Dnieper. Among other things, a residential building near the railway station was destroyed. At least eight people were killed and dozens were injured. – My wife and daughter are simply in shock. They say they won't come back to the apartment again, that I have to take them somewhere. I've lived most of my life, but I've never seen anything like this, says Serhij, a resident of Dnieper. To survive without Western help, Ukrainians are trying to increase their military production. They produce armored cars and Bohdan howitzers, as well as artillery ammunition. But this is definitely not enough.

Tusk: we will burn out every betrayal and attempt at destabilizationtvn24

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– We are having the biggest war in generations, and the needs of our armed forces are greater than the production capabilities of the entire free world – says Oleksandr Kamyshyn, Minister of Strategic Industry of Ukraine. Therefore, Ukraine is very counting on American aid, the debate on which has started in the House of Representatives. That's over $60 billion. On the eve of the vote, Donald Trump called on Europe to spend more money.

“Everyone agrees that Ukrainian survival and strength should be much more important to Europe than to us, but they are also important to us! Move, Europe!” – you can read in Donald Trump's entry on the Truth Social platform. – The Republicans most closely associated with Donald Trump are still opposed to aid for Ukraine, but the Democrats will come to the aid of the leader of the House of Representatives, as there are more and more voices that Ukraine will lose without American weapons. The head of the CIA, William Burnes, warns that the Ukrainians may suffer defeat this year – emphasizes the correspondent of “Fakty” TVN in the USA, Marcin Wrona. – If the American package passes, Russia will not be able to win either this year or next year. This is serious money though. As the European Union and member states, we have already transferred well over EUR 100 billion to Ukraine – comments Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Europe is accelerating. Germany declared that it would send a Patriot anti-aircraft launcher battery to Ukraine. There will be a total of seven of them in the near future. – NATO has made it very clear that several alliance countries could decide to transfer Patriot systems from among those they have. Just like we did, says Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany.

Main photo source: General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces/Facebook

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