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The US warns against attacks by the Islamic State. The threat is growing

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American intelligence warns against the terrorist threat around the world. Concerns increased after terrorist attack near Moscow, which took place on March 22. Agents believe that Islamic radicals may respond to the calls of the so-called Islamic State (IS). The organization called for similar actions elsewhere.

American intelligence: “Lone wolves” may move into action

“IS members around the world and so-called 'lone wolves' may react to recent statements by this terrorist group praising the attack in Russia and encouraging more frequent attacks in public places – even if the person in question is not a member of IS,” the American services say in a statement.

Russian investigators say they died in the attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk at least 144 people, including three children, and at least 550 others were injured. Attackers they opened fire to the people on site, they planted explosives and caused a huge fire.

According to Moscow, the services detained nine suspects. They claim that they are citizens Tajikistan. At the same time, Russia claims that the attackers tried to escape to Ukraine. Kiev firmly denies having any connection with the attack.

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Terrorist threat in Russia. Washington warned Moscow

The organization took responsibility for the attack Islamic State of Khorasan Province, the Afghan wing of IS. The militants then said they had “attacked a large gathering of Christians in the Russian suburbs of Moscow.”

United States stated that a few weeks before the attack informed Russia about the threatas part of – as the Department Official emphasized – the long-standing practice of the “duty to warn”.

US Embassy in Russia she spent 7 mark warning in which she advised US citizens against attending large gatherings, claiming that extremists have 'immediate plans' in Moscow.

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