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The use of socks is prohibited. Material from the “Poland and World” program on TVN24

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From January 1, cinderellas will be banned in half of Poland. A ban on the use of the worst quality stoves will be introduced in eight voivodeships, although on different principles. For example, in Sopot it will not be possible to add coal or wood to the stove to heat the house. Material by Łukasz Wieczorek from the “Poland and World” program on TVN24.

Two months have passed since coal was banned in Warsaw. It’s been the first year since the use of smoking cigarettes was banned in the capital.

– I live here in Wawer on Widoczna Street. Nothing has changed for us, said a resident of Warsaw.

– It’s very good to feel negative – said another person.

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“Recently we have been detecting many irregularities”

Municipal Police confirms: despite the ban, the smokestacks continue to smoke, and things that shouldn’t end up in the ovens. Only since the beginning of October, the Warsaw City Guard has issued 41 tickets.

– Our detection rate is quite high. Recently, we have been detecting many irregularities related to the use of used engine oil, which theoretically should be disposed of, but it turns out that the owner of such a plant uses it as fuel – emphasized Sławomir Smyk, spokesman for the City Guard in Warsaw.

More local governments are following in the footsteps of Warsaw, and previously Krakow, and banning smoked cigars. From January 1, eight regions will no longer be able to use the oldest furnaces. Each voivodeship introduces its own regulations.

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For example, the Pomeranian regional council has determined that from the first day of next year in Sopot, residents will not be able to heat their homes with coal or wood.

– Fireplaces can be used, but not as the main source of heat. Two – these must be installations that meet ecodesign requirements. Three – the heating material used must be of appropriate quality – explained Krzysztof Pałkowski from the Pomeranian Marshal’s Office.

Sopot has been a health resort since 1999, and according to officials, this requires stricter regulations.

– Residents who do not benefit from the subsidies will not replace their coal furnaces, for example with ecological devices, by the end of 2023, they will not benefit from the commune’s subsidies in this matter, they will unfortunately have to do it at their own expense – said Marek Niziołek, Sopot City Hall .

From the new year, officials will introduce new rules regarding burning in stoves in Sopot, Zielona Góra, Gorzów Wielkopolski and six entire regions. In the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, for example – from January 1, there will be no more smokestacks.

– Due to this energy crisis, the government has allowed, to quote, burning whatever it wants. We hope that this will change now, that we will simply take care of our health, because that’s what it’s all about, said Gabriela Wiatr, West Pomeranian Marshal’s Office.

Anti-smog resolutions have already been passed by 16 assemblies, only in Podlasie and the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship the voivodeship councilors have not made any specific decisions yet.

– The air quality in our voivodeship is good, much better than in other regions of the country, especially in southern Poland. Therefore, such a resolution was not needed too quickly – said Bogdan Meina from the Warmian-Masurian Marshal’s Office.

The regional council in Olsztyn is still thinking about introducing bans, but probably after next year’s local government elections.

– The introduction of such a ban is a breakthrough, although we should not expect that the air will suddenly clear the next day. These laws simply require enforcement. Secondly, it is also important to support residents in replacing these furnaces – said Sylwia Jedyńska, Warsaw Without Smog.

There are still nearly 3 million smoke worms poisoning the entire country. The problem will not disappear quickly if the owners are not willing to replace them.

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