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The UśMich teddy bear will remain the symbol of Suwałki. The new logo went to waste, but the money was spent

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Sudden twists of action in Suwałki. There was supposed to be a new city logo, and there was, but only for a moment, because a moment later the old one came back. Almost PLN 50,000 was spent.

The UśMich teddy bear – the symbol of Suwałki – is widely known and liked there. After thirteen years of service in promoting the city, the authorities decided it was time for changes. On Wednesday, they announced that Suwałki has a new, refreshed logo.

The very next day, the authorities changed their mind and announced that Miś UśMich was staying – the new logo was thrown away. – This is probably the first time in the history of our city that a legal act was in force for less than 24 hours – says Karol Korneluk, vice-chairman of the Suwałki City Council, candidate for the mayor of Suwałki. It is worth adding that the new city logo was purchased for over PLN 48,000.

SuwałkiGoogle Earth

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What about money?

Residents ask: where is the money. The mayor of the city explains the quick change of decision as follows: “seeing how strong the residents’ bond with this matter is, I decided that it will be you, dear Suwałki residents, who will decide what the new logo of Suwałki will be. I would like to emphasize once again that Miś UśMich stays with us forever, and I guarantee it to you, because I am very close to it,” said Czesław Renkiewicz.

Proposed new design of the Suwałki logoUM.Suwałki.pl

The question arises – couldn’t they have asked the residents first and then decided? – It was unnecessary, because we had a famous white bear, a teddy bear. Because we are the pole of cold and it has been here for years – explains one of the people. – The sky is crying that something like this could have happened, that this logo could have been forgotten. And let’s not do that, let’s keep this certain tradition – appeals Karol Korneluk.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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