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The Vatican, the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. Pope Francis referred to the riddle 40 years ago of the words of the brother of the missing woman

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Confident that I am expressing the feelings of the faithful from all over the world, I turn my grateful thoughts to the memory of Saint John Paul II, who in these days has become the target of offensive and baseless speculations, Francis said on Sunday. The Pope referred to the words of the brother of Emanuela Orlandi who disappeared almost 40 years ago on television, which many people described as slander against John Paul II. In an interview with Reuters, Pietro Orlandi said he was “repeating what others have said”.

Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a lay Vatican official, disappeared on June 22, 1983. This is one of the Vatican’s most puzzling criminal cases. The 15-year-old left home for a flute lesson and never came back. Investigators assumed that she might have been kidnapped by the mafia or that she was a bargaining chip in the fight to free Ali Agca from prison. Pope Pope John Paul IIwho was the victim of his attack, publicly appealed eight times to the kidnappers for the girl’s release. The investigation into her disappearance is full of false leads, lies and scandals. To this day, it has not been possible to determine what finally happened to her.

The case entered a new stage when the girl’s brother, Pietro Orlandi, met with the Vatican prosecutor Alessandro Diddito whom Pope Francis gave “maximum freedom of action” in solving the puzzle. After talking to Diddi, Orlandi appeared on a TV show and played a snippet of an audio recording of a man Orlandi believed was part of an organized crime group that the Italian media had speculated for decades to be involved in Emanuela’s disappearance.

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The alleged criminal says that more than 40 years ago, girls were brought to the Vatican to be molested and that Pope John Paul II knew about it. Then, after playing the recording, Pietro Orlandi said: – They tell me that (Karol – editor’s note) Wojtyla went out in the evenings with two Polish prelates and certainly not to bless houses.

Francis on “offensive and baseless speculations” against John Paul II

These words were considered by many people as slander against the Polish Pope and caused widespread indignation, expressed, among others, in the newspaper “L’Osservatore Romano”. The statement of the missing teen’s brother was also criticized by Vatican officials. Pope Francis also addressed this on Sunday.

– Confident that I express the feelings of the faithful from all over the world, I direct grateful thoughts to the memory of Saint John Paul II, who in these days has become the target of offensive and unfounded speculations – he said.


Pietro Orlandi, on the other hand, told Reuters on Sunday that it was “right, Francis defended John Paul II”. He added that during the television appearance he was “repeating what others had said”. “I certainly haven’t seen it myself,” he said.

Emanuel OrlandiFORUM

Pope: wars continue and continue to spread death in horrific forms

Francis, at the end of the Regina Coeli prayer on Divine Mercy Sunday, also addressed the Orthodox faithful.

– I wish to express my closeness to all the brothers and sisters who are celebrating Easter today, especially in the East. Dearest ones, may the risen Lord be with you and fill you with the Holy Spirit. Happy Easter to all of you, he said.

Orthodox faithful participate in a procession on Holy Saturday for the Orthodox celebration of Easter in MilanPAP/EPA/ANDREA FASANI

– Unfortunately, in striking contradiction to the Easter message, wars continue and continue to wreak death in horrific forms. Let us grieve over this cruelty and pray for its victims, asking God that the world no longer have to experience horror at the terrible death at the hands of man, but that it may live in amazement at the life that man gives and renews with his grace.

– I am thinking of our brothers and sisters who in Russia and in Ukraine celebrate Easter today. May the Lord be close to them and help them make peace.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Coverage at tvn24.pl >>>

The Pope greeted groups of devotees of the Divine Mercy from various countries who arrived on the Sunday dedicated to him at the sanctuary of Santo Spirito in Sassia near the Vatican.

Pope Francis during the Regina Coeli prayer stands in the window overlooking St. Peter in the VaticanPAP/EPA/VATICAN MEDIA HANDOUT

In the reflections preceding the prayer, the pope said that despite its “limitations and failures”, the Church “is the body of Christ”. He encouraged believers to reflect on whether, in the name of the love of Jesus and his wounds, “are we ready to open our arms to someone who is wounded in life?”. – Without excluding anyone from God’s mercy, but accepting everyone as a brother, as a sister, just as God accepts everyone? he noted.

Francis also expressed concern about the situation in Sudan, where fighting escalated between the government army and paramilitary forces, and called for the surrender of arms and the resumption of dialogue.


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