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The ventilator scandal. Big prizes – TVN24 Biznes

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Piotr Węcławik was the deputy director of the administrative office at the Ministry of Health, who acknowledged the receipt of some respirators from an arms dealer. Now “Gazeta Wyborcza” informs that Węcławik was not only promoted, but also received over half a million zlotys in prizes and allowances.

“GW” reminds that “the purchase of respirators from Andrzej Izdebski, president of the E&K company from Lublin and an arms dealer on the UN blacklist, is one of the most famous scandals of the pandemic.” He also emphasizes that “the case is still waiting for settlement” because “the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw first discontinued the investigation, and then, after subsequent reports submitted by the Supreme Audit Office, refused to initiate further proceedings” and “also refused to provide a justification for this decision.”

The ventilator scandal

Only the minister paid for the scandal with his resignation Łukasz Szumowski and deputy minister Janusz Cieszyński – writes “GW” and adds: it was the latter who, on April 14, 2020, “at the request of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, signed a contract with Izdebski, although the latter had never dealt with medical equipment before.”

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“For over 1.2 thousand respirators (Izdebski) was to receive EUR 44.5 million, i.e. approximately PLN 200 million, which meant that the ministry would pay for the devices several times more than market rates. On the same day, on Cieszyński’s order, Izdebski received an advance payment of EUR 36 million,” the daily describes.

He indicates that the receipt of respirators from an arms dealer “at the base of the Material Reserves Agency (currently the Government Agency of Strategic Reserves) in Lubliniec was acknowledged by Piotr Węcławik, then deputy director of the administration office at the Ministry of Health.”

“The problem is that instead of the 200 Chinese Boaray 5000D respirators mentioned in the contract at a price of PLN 185,000 each, Izdebski delivered 50 Dräger devices, which ARM was purchasing at that time for PLN 75,000 each. In addition, respirators from E&K “they were not suitable for use in Polish hospitals. They did not have certificates, guarantees or even cables and gas connectors meeting the EU standards. Despite this, deputy director Węcławik acknowledged their receipt,” reports “GW”.

Awards after the ventilator scandal

“We waited three weeks for information about the director’s earnings and rewards since his participation in the collection of respirators,” the newspaper explains.

He adds: “although we asked for data on a specific person holding subsequent managerial positions in the ministry, the answer is ambiguous because it refers to ’employees’.”

“Even the data received is astonishing. There is no direct mention of the basic salary. We only learn that ‘persons employed as deputy directors’ of the administrative office were entitled to ‘5.0 multiplier of the base amount and a functional allowance of 0.5 multiplier of the amount. base amount and an internship allowance paid in accordance with years of service. The base amount for public administration in 2020-22 was PLN 2,032. Years of service was approximately 10 percent. The total remuneration was nearly PLN 12,000,” explains “GW”.

“But that’s not all, because he also received a task allowance from the Ministry of Health (PLN 10,000), an allowance from European programs (over PLN 26,000), an award from the Ministry of Health (PLN 39.5 thousand) and an award from programs European (PLN 4,300). In the same year, Piotr Węcławik was promoted to deputy director of the innovation department. His basic salary was the same, but again, task-related allowances were important (PLN 7,000 from the ministry and almost PLN 11,000 from programs European) and prizes from the Ministry of Health (PLN 8,000),” the daily reports.

In response to “GW”‘s inquiry, the ministry further wrote that “in 2021 – from July to December – ‘one person had a temporary increase in remuneration by 2.5 times the base amount'”.

“So the deputy director was no longer earning PLN 10,000, but PLN 16,000). And again he received allowances and awards. PLN 7,500 from the Ministry of Health budget, PLN 38,000 from European programs, PLN 11,500 from the bonus from the COVID counteracting fund, then over PLN 7,000 in prizes from the minister and almost PLN 46,000 in prizes from European programs,” the newspaper writes.

“Further awards were paid after Węcławik was promoted to the position of department director: task allowances financed by the Ministry of Health (PLN 5,000), allowances financed by European programs (PLN 32,500), allowance from the COVID counteracting fund (PLN 13,000). ) and awards from the Ministry of Health (PLN 13.7 thousand) and European programs (PLN 33 thousand),” he lists.

In turn, “in 2022, the director’s remuneration amounted to 6.0 multiplier of the base amount, but – as the Ministry of Health writes – ‘in the period 01/01-31/12/2022’, i.e. throughout the year, there was a ‘temporary increase in remuneration by 2.0 multiplier of the base amount and a functional allowance in the amount of 1.0 of the multiplier of the base amount.

“It was then that the director’s salary exceeded the minister’s salary. And again, additional amounts poured in. An allowance of PLN 12,000 from the minister and PLN 21,500 from European programs and a bonus from the minister of PLN 13,300 and a record PLN 60 from European programs. PLN 4,000,” writes “GW”.

He then points out that “2023 is not bad either” and “the base amount has increased to PLN 2,196”.

“The Ministry writes that the director received a basic remuneration of 6.0 multipliers of the base amount (in the period 1/01-31/12/2023, a temporary increase in remuneration by 2.0 multipliers of the base amount) and a functional allowance of 1.0 multipliers of the base amount and internship allowance paid in accordance with years of service. In total, it is over PLN 20,000 per month. The director was also paid bonuses financed by the Ministry of Health in the amount of PLN 34.5 thousand and bonuses financed by European programs in the amount of PLN 61.3 thousand. Task-related allowances amounted to PLN 15.4 thousand and PLN 6 thousand, respectively,” we read in the daily.

In total, from spring 2020 to the end of last year, allowances and prizes amounted to over half a million“- sums up “GW”.

“Piotr Węcławik did not want to talk”

“Węcławik, despite his involvement in the ventilator scandal and the disclosure of sensitive data by a doctor from Poznań by Minister Adam Niedzielski (in which he participated), not only still holds the position of director of the innovation department at the Ministry of Health, but also represents the ministry during meetings of the parliamentary health committee, on which its chairman Bartosz Arłukowicz tries to settle the ministry’s actions during the PiS government,” the newspaper writes.

“Piotr Węcławik himself did not want to talk,” reports “GW.” – I’m on vacation now, and we have a press spokesman – “GW” quotes Węcławik.

– The official who acknowledged the receipt of respirators from an arms dealer and was involved in a scandal involving the disclosure of a doctor’s sensitive data should be held responsible and not receive such a high reward – comments Michał Szczerba, MP from KO, for the daily.

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