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The Wagner Group in Africa. Who will take over the legacy of Yevgeny Prigozhin?

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After the death of the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a mysterious battle for high stakes – control over his vast interests – is raging on three continents. The biggest prize: lucrative operations in Africa, writes the New York Times on Friday.

A proud, blasphemous mercenary leader traveled across the continent in a private jet offering support to wavering regimes with weapons and propaganda in exchange for gold and diamonds. He pointed out that now, shortly after Prigozhin’s death, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-bek Yevkurov went to Africa.

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– We will do everything in our power to help you – “NYT” quotes a Kremlin politician as saying in Burkina Faso.

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“The contrast with the extravagant Mr. Prigozhin couldn’t be sharper,” the newspaper writes, comparing Prigozhin with Yevkurov. As he adds, various forces are fighting for the takeover of the key interests of the head of the Wagner Group in Africa in the Russian structure of power. He even includes spy agencies, the foreign intelligence service SVR and the military intelligence service GRU.

The New York Times quoted Prigozhin’s political consultant, Maksim Shugaley, as saying that “the Wagner Group is not just about money – it’s a kind of religion.” – It is unlikely that this structure will completely disappear. It’s impossible for me,” he said.

Russians in Moscow pay tribute to PrigozhinYURI KOCHETKOV/PAP/EPA

Kremlin: We are not involved in any way

According to the newspaper, currently for Russia The operations of the Wagner Group are nowhere more valuable than in African countries. The Kremlin declined to comment on the future of Prigozhin’s former empire. “It’s completely none of our business and we’re not dealing with it in any way,” Putin’s spokesman told the newspaper Dmitry Peskov.

Citing its Russian source, the New York newspaper also quotes Putin’s remarks from a private meeting on June 27. There he supposedly stated that Prigozhin had earned $4 billion in Africa from “gold and jewellery.”

According to “NYT”, some Russian institutions are trying to damage the image of the former head of the Wagner Group. The journal includes Russian state television.

Alleged mercenaries from the Wagner Group accompanied by detachments of Malian soldiersMinister des Armées

Prigozhin’s death only whet the appetite for stronger relations with the Kremlin

According to the belief of the New York Daily war in Ukraine it did surprisingly little to change the vast interests of Prigozhin’s company in Africa. Most of the Wagner Group mercenaries remained there, and French intelligence estimated their number at around four thousand. The newspaper also predicts that Russian military intelligence would take over command of them.

“Prigozhin’s death has only whetted the appetite of some African countries for stronger relations with the Kremlin – especially those that were previously afraid of the Wagner Group, such as Burkina Faso,” writes “NYT.”

Referring to the plane crash, he states that Prigozhin did not believe the rumors warning him against his death. He referred to this in August, during a recent trip to Africa.

“To those who like to talk about my liquidation, I’m fine,” he reminded the New York Times.

Russians in AfricaForum

Main photo source: Minister des Armées

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