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The Wagner Group revolt did not significantly affect the Ukrainian counter-offensive. There is progress on the front

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Ukrainian troops managed to liberate the territories occupied by the Russians not in February last year, but in 2014. We also know more and more about what was happening in Ukraine during the rebellion of the Wagner Group. It turns out that Washington urged Kiev to exercise restraint.

The unprecedented chaos caused by the events around Moscow does not affect the situation in the Ukrainian trenches. Fierce fighting around Bakhmut has been going on for two weeks. This is the beginning of the counter-offensive, which intensified with the retreat of the Wagner Group mercenaries from the front. Some of the Russians, after a chaotic clash, surrender to the Ukrainians. The defenders hope that after the information about the failed coup, the morale of the Russians will drop enough for more troops to lay down their arms.

On Monday, one section of the front was close to announcing a breakthrough in the counter-offensive. However, in the southern section, in the area of ​​Marinka, Chechen troops loyal to the Kremlin appeared. Bakhmut and Marinka are the eastern directions where the Ukrainians see opportunities for a counterattack. In the west, the place of fierce clashes is the Antonovsky Bridge near Kherson.

Ukrainian soldiers recaptured the town of BłahodatneReuters/68th Separate Hunting Brigade ‘Oleksy Dovbusha

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President’s dilemmas

For now, it is too early to predict the disintegration of Russia. At the same time, Ukraine has single successes. On Monday, the recapture of Równopole – another village in the south – was announced. The recent events related to the failed coup have not yet translated into a radical change of the situation at the front.

While visiting the front, President Zelensky hopes for further progress. Faced with the scale of Russia’s wickedness, the Ukrainian leader faces many difficult choices. Surely his staff is debating whether to strike now or hold off until further disintegration of the Kremlin administration. He must be sure that his actions will not be conducive to what is now happening in the Kremlin.

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