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The war in Ukraine. Andrzej Duda on talks between Scholz and Macron with Putin, weapons and Angela Merkel

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President Andrzej Duda in an interview for the German daily “Bild” referred to the situation surrounding the war in Ukraine. “I am amazed at all the talks that are currently being held with Vladimir Putin by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron,” he said. must save face? – added.

President Andrzej Duda in an interview with “Bild” he stressed that in Ukraine “there is no doubt who the aggressor is”.

“We must do everything we can to stop imperialist Russia. We must help the Ukrainians in any way possible. Our great hope is that Russian imperialism will break its teeth in Ukraine. In the meantime, we will become so strong that it will not be worth attacking us. Defense of Ukraine. , a free, sovereign state, in which the nation decides for itself, is of fundamental importance to us “- he emphasized.

Andrzej Duda’s address to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine PAP / Jakub Szymczuk / KPRP

Asked about his visits to Kiev and whether Poland is showing leadership in Europe over Ukraine and Germany is not, Duda said he did not want to “judge the political leaders who made the decision to go to Kiev or not.” “There are different circumstances, different personalities. I have such a personality that I felt that my presence was very important to Ukraine,” he added.

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“Sorry, maybe some people in Germany will be offended.”

When asked about his opinion on Germany, the Polish president remarked: “I’m sorry, maybe some people in Germany will feel offended” and assessed that part of the German economy “does not care at all about what is happening to Ukraine, what is happening to Poland.” .

“They say: ‘We want to do business, make money. We want to be able to do business with Russia, we want to sell our products. We want to buy cheap gas and import oil.’ Perhaps the German economy does not believe that the Russian army could win another great victory in Berlin and take part of Germany. We in Poland know that it is possible. And that is why there is no business as usual for us. And that is why we are calling on the world and Europe not to have any more business as usual with Russia “- said the Polish President .

Noting that the lack of German arms supplies to Ukraine was met with much criticism, Duda replied that “Ukraine needs heavy weapons, tanks.” “Poland has donated more than 240 tanks that Ukraine can handle, we have sent almost 100 armored vehicles and weapons. Rifles, ammunition, rockets. We have sent weapons with a total value of two billion dollars. This is a huge cost, but we understand the need to bear it. We appeal to everyone, if someone has the ability to send, for example, artillery: this weapon is needed to stop the Russian invasion “- appealed Duda.

President Andrzej DudaPAP / Radek Pietruszka

The journalist “Bilda” pointed out that Olaf Scholz during his visit to Lithuania, he said: “Nobody provides aid on a level like Germany.” “Does Germany provide more of it than Poland?” the journalist asked.

“Perhaps. I don’t know. If the chancellor says so. I guess he has the right data. I am appealing for help” – replied Duda. He stressed that he did not want to “judge the truthfulness of the chancellor’s words”. “It can be done by German politicians and the media thanks to access to public information. If Germany is really helping to that extent, then as a direct neighbor I can only say that I am very grateful to them.” “Ukraine needs heavy weapons, especially artillery, in order (…) to resist the Russian army. The answer in the form of heavy weapons and heavy artillery is the only means against the Russian offensive,” he said.

Duda: we gave our tanks away and now we have nothing in return

The journalist recalled that recently the president accused the German government of breaking its word on the exchange of weapons with Poland.

“I was asked what I thought about the fact that the Germans did not deliver the promised tanks. It is wrong to say that we were expecting the most modern weapons, the Leopard II tanks. This is not true” – emphasized Duda. “It is natural for us that for the old Soviet tanks that we have delivered to Ukraine 240, we will get a few Leopard tanks from Germany, not the most modern ones. In Poland, we have Leopard tanks in older versions. Thanks to this help, we wanted to supplement this resource a bit. There is an older one. version of the Leopard tanks. We could take over the older ones, modernize them in the future – also with the help of German industry. But we expected to get the older version of the tanks. As far as I know, we got nothing “- he added.

“We gave our tanks back and now we have nothing in return” – noted the Polish leader.

Leopard 2A4 tank after modernization to Leopard 2PL standard

Leopard 2 tanks at the training ground near Drawsko Pomorskie during the Dragon exercise in June 2019Bumar-Łabędy

As he noted, Poland is currently negotiating new weapons. “We have signed a contract with the US for 250 new tanks. Our Defense Minister has now gone to South Koreato discuss the purchase of lighter South Korean tanks, about 300, as we want to equip our army with modern tanks. Moreover, it will be several years before the production reaches us. We would be very grateful if today we could have any number of German tanks of older production to constantly strengthen our security “- pointed out Duda.

Duda: if someone is afraid of Russian blackmail, it will lead to a catastrophe

“Bild” recalled that before announcing the delivery of heavy weapons, the German chancellor had warned against nuclear war. When asked by the newspaper whether he shared Scholz’s concerns, Andrzej Duda replied: “If we are afraid of Russian nuclear weapons, we should all give up immediately.”

German Chancellor Olaf ScholzPAP / EPA / FILIP SINGER

“What if President Putin comes out and says: ‘now we will drop nuclear bombs on the capital of Ukraine, if you do not extend the Russian sphere of influence to the Atlantic, to Lisbon.” Should we then all be afraid and carry out Putin’s orders and follow him? politics throughout Europe because we are afraid of its nuclear weapons? ” Duda pointed out.

He assessed that “if anyone is afraid of Russian blackmail, it will lead to a catastrophe.” “Don’t be afraid of the threats from Russia, because they will try to threaten us in all possible ways. I know how it works. If they open the door a little, then they put their leg in there and take more and more. This is what I tried to explain to the leaders. European and foreign “- he stressed.

“Did anyone talk to Adolf Hitler this way during World War II?”

In an interview with the German daily, the president expressed his amazement “at all the talks that are currently being conducted with Putin – by Chancellor Scholz, by President Emmanuel Macron”.

Emmanuel MacronPAP / EPA / JULIEN DE ROSA / POOL

“These talks do not bring any results. What do they achieve? They legitimize only the person responsible for the crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine. He is responsible for it. It was he who made the decision to send troops there. this way with Adolf Hitler during World War II? Did anyone say that Adolf Hitler must save face? That we should act in such a way as not to humiliate Adolf Hitler? I have not heard such voices “- pointed out Duda.

“In my opinion, there can be no agreement above the heads of the Ukrainian government. There can be no agreement with which the Ukrainian government does not agree,” he stressed.

Andrzej Duda on the activities of Angela Merkel

Andrzej Duda also referred to the one published in recent days intelligence of the former chancellor of Germany Angela Merkelwho spoke publicly about the war for the first time and said she had made no mistake. How is Merkel to blame for the current situation? asked “Bild”.

“Chancellor Merkel is no longer a chancellor. The evaluation of her actions belongs to the domain of historians. I do not want to judge the chancellor.gas pipeline) Nord Stream 2 – to no avail. I presented her with the position of our part of Europe, together with the former president of Slovakia, Mr. (Andrej) Kiska, we appealed for the suspension of investments. We tried to tell her that this is an imperial Russian strategy, and the weapon is gas. It was about dominating Europe. The fact that the construction of Nord Stream 2 was completed was a great political disappointment “- said the Polish president.

Main photo source: CLEMENS BILAN / EPA / PAP

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