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The war in Ukraine. Attack on the Vineyard – funeral of four-year-old Liza, who died in the attack

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Dozens of relatives and local residents attended the funeral of four-year-old Liza, who died as a result of a Russian rocket attack on Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Liza’s father, Artem Dmitriev, came to her daughter’s funeral from Kiev. Her badly injured mother, Iryna Dmitriev, was unable to attend the funeral. Doctors say that her daughter’s death is kept secret from her for fear that this information could endanger her life.

Funeral of four-year-old Liza, who died in a rocket attack on VinnitsaReuters

Attack on the Vineyard

At least 24 people were killedand 80 were hospitalized after Thursday’s Russian missile attack on downtown Vinnitsa, a city in the center of Ukraine, far from the front. “What is it, if not an open act of terrorism? These are not people. It is a killer state. A terrorist state,” commented President Volodymyr Zelensky about this attack on civilian targets.

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Russian missiles led, among other things, to the death of four-year-old Lisa. The girl was recorded by her mother shortly before her death. Both were returning from speech therapy classes. In a few seconds of video you can see a child pushing his stroller.

“Two hours later, the same trolley – black and pink – will appear in the terrible photo under the terrible news: Russian rockets fell in the center of Vinnitsa in the middle of the day. The girl who was in the pram died on the spot” – wrote the first lady, Olena Zelenska.

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4-year-old Liza died in an attack in Vinnitsa. Before her death, my mother captured her on a recordingtwitter.com/nexta_tv

Ołena Zelenska recalls the deceased girl. “Please look at her alive”

The girl was born with Down syndrome. She was among the children who appeared in a Christmas recording together with Zelenska in 2021.

“Today we saw with horror a photo of an overturned baby carriage in Vinnitsa. Later, while reading the news, I realized that I knew this little girl. I knew … I will not write those words that I would love to write about those who killed her” – she wrote in the first post on social media.

“We met while recording a video for Christmas. This little prankster managed to paint not only herself, her Christmas dress, but also other children, me, the cinematographers and the directors, with paints within an hour. Please, look at her alive. I cry together with her. her relatives “- she added in the next entry.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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