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The war in Ukraine, Bakhmut, the situation at the front. British Defense Ministry about the fighting

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Bakhmut and its surroundings have been the hottest spot on the Ukrainian front for a long time. An analysis of the situation prepared by the British Ministry of Defense published on Wednesday said that “there is a real possibility that the Russian attack on the city will lose its limited momentum”. The ministry also noted that fighting continued around the city centre.

The UK Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that “there is a real possibility that the Russian attack on the city is losing its limited momentum.” According to the British ministry, this would be due to the transfer of some Russian units to other sections of the front.

Ukrainian counterattack. Russian attack stopped

In recent days, Ukrainian forces have launched a counterattack in the Donetsk region of Bakhmut to relieve the threatened supply route leading one of the most important H32 roads, the UK Ministry of Defense noted in a daily communiqué prepared on the basis of intelligence reports. He added that fighting is still taking place around the city center, and the Ukrainian defenders are surrounded from the north and south.

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On Tuesday, Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attempts to enter the center of Bakhmut, the ministry said.

Hard fighting for Bakhmut. It’s the second month

For a long time, the city of Bakhmut and its surroundings have remained the hottest spot on the front.

On Tuesday, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malar indicated that this week marks the second month since the fighting for the city entered an intensified phase.

Photo from March 17, 2023.

Ukrainian soldiers near BakhmutPhoto from March 17, 2023.PAP/EPA/MARIA SENOVILLA

“No one believed that in the conditions of such intense enemy attacks it was possible to hold the city for more than a week, maximum two. However, thanks to the bravery and heroism of thousands of our soldiers, as well as the skilful command of our generals and officers, the defense of Bakhmut continues and its possibilities have not yet been exhausted” – said the deputy defense minister.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/MARIA SENOVILLA

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