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The war in Ukraine. Black Sea dolphins are dying

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Hundreds of dead dolphins have been confirmed by biologists and animal protection organizations from Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. It was indicated that the reason was the military operations in the Black Sea conducted by Russia as part of the military invasion of Ukraine.

The Bucharest online daily Ziare, citing experts, reported that wounded dolphins landing on the shore or dead specimens brought in by sea currents often had burn marks from mines or bombs on them.

The portal, citing an entry from one of the employees of the Tuzłowskie Limany nature park, noted that on the shores of the Odessa Oblast, in the south-west Ukrainemore than 100 dead dolphins have already been recovered.

Bulgarian animal rights organizations also pointed to the strange behavior of the Black Sea dolphins after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. They reported that some of the injured mammals that reached the shore did not have the strength to swim or did not eat for more than a week.

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However, according to Romanian veterinarians, internal bleeding is a common cause of death of Black Sea dolphins during the war. They arise, experts believe, as a result of explosives or the use of sonar by ships.

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