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The war in Ukraine. British Defense Department: Russians are bringing old military equipment to the front

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The British Ministry of Defense informed that the Russians are moving reserves from all over the country to the border with Ukraine. These forces – as stated in the daily intelligence update – mostly use the obsolete MT-LB armored vehicles as their primary means of transport.

Russia it moves reserve forces from all over the country and gathers them nearby Ukraine for future offensive operations. A large proportion of the new infantry units are likely to use MT-LB armored vehicles pulled from long-term warehouses as their primary means of transport, “the British Defense Ministry’s Daily Intelligence Update wrote.

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As noted in the release, “although MT-LBs were previously used in a support role on both sides, Russia has long considered them unfit for most front-line infantry transport tasks.” “It was originally designed in the 1950s as an artillery tow tractor, has very limited armor and only a machine gun for protection,” it said.

Russian soldiersAP / Associated Press / East News

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“On the contrary, in February, most of the first Russian assault units were equipped with BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles with armor up to 33 mm and a powerful 30-mm automatic cannon and anti-tank missile launcher,” the British Defense Ministry said.

“Despite President Putin’s assertion on July 7, 2022 that the Russian military ‘did not even start’ operations in Ukraine, many of its reinforcements are ad hoc troops equipped with outdated or inadequate equipment,” he added.

Main photo source: AP / Associated Press / East News

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