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The war in Ukraine. Destroyed Kyiv, Borodzianka, Bucza, Irpień are visible on a virtual walk

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On the website of the city hall in Kiev, an option of a virtual tour of the regions of the Ukrainian capital and its suburbs, destroyed during the war, has appeared. The scale of the destruction is shocking, especially in Bucza, Borodzianka and Irpień. Many buildings there are only suitable for demolition.

The Russian attack on Ukraine in recent weeks has focused on the eastern part of the country. The situation in Kiev is currently calm and life in the city it’s back to relative normal. In the suburbs of the capital, however, it will not be “normally” for a long time. Although the Ukrainian army has pushed the Russians out of there, it will take at least several months to remove the damage caused by the invaders. Rebuilding bombed buildings – many years.

The effects of the Russian shelling and bombing can be seen on the website of the Kiev administration. A tab similar to Google Street View was launched there, in which there is an option of a virtual wandering through the destroyed streets. You cannot walk there step by step, as in the Google application, but the scale of the damage caused by the Russians is clearly visible in the photos taken from different shots.

Bucza, Irpień and Borodzianka razed to the ground

As for the destruction in Kiev itself, Internet users can watch, among others several-story blocks shot at the beginning of the war in the districts of Obołoń and Podół. They were photographed in such a way that Internet users can even look inside the damaged apartments. A view from the upper floors is also available.

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Destroyed block of flats in Kievguide.kyivcity.gov.ua

The most impressive, however, are photos not from the capital itself, but from cities located in its suburbs. During a virtual walk around Bucza, where the Russians murdered hundreds of civilians, we find out that most of the buildings in this city have been destroyed. Single-family houses are completely destroyed, traces of bombing can be seen on the facades of the blocks.


The landscape of Borodzianka and Irpień is similar. A large part of the buildings in both cities were destroyed by shelling and subsequent fires. In Irpien, all single-family houses along one of the main streets were stripped of their roof and rendered unusable.


Destroyed Antonov in the photos

In Hostomel, the military airport located there and its vicinity suffered the most. In the new tab of the website of the Kiev City Hall, among others, bomb halls and administrative buildings adjacent to the runway. There are also photos of the destroyed Antonov, which was the largest transport aircraft in the world.

Destroyed Antonovguide.kyivcity.gov.ua

At one point in the war, the vicinity of the E40 motorway leading to Kiev was also under fire. That way, some Russian tanks were moving towards the capital. The photos show damaged vehicles standing along the road.

Destroyed, although not as much as the cities mentioned above, are also other towns in the suburbs of Kiev: Makarów, Horenka and Stojanka. You can also “walk” along their streets on the side of the Kiev City Hall.

“We will rebuild everything”

– Capturing Russian crimes and disseminating information about them is very important. The enemy will pay for his deeds, we will win and rebuild everything that has been destroyed – said Petro Olenych, deputy mayor of Kiev and head of the team for digital transformation of the Ukrainian capital, quoted on the city’s website.

Many damaged houses will have to be rebuilt from scratch. – Some buildings only have broken windows, broken doors or cracked walls, while others need to be dismantled as soon as possible, because they can collapse at any moment – emphasized the head of the team of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture, which assessed the scale of damage in the suburbs of the capital.

Main photo source: guide.kyivcity.gov.ua

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