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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The war in Ukraine. Former US Army commander in Europe: Russia wants to take a break to resume offensive next year

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The Russian army lacks people in Ukraine, said the former commander of the US army in Europe, General Ben Hodges. In his opinion, the aggressors “look forward to taking a break and rebuilding themselves in order to continue their offensive actions in the next year.” According to the military, the Russian forces “must be neutralized here and now”.

Former army commander USA in Europe, General Ben Hodges, quoted on Saturday by the Ukrainian portal Espreso, assessed that the Russian “occupiers are not able to compensate for their combat losses, therefore they are concentrating their efforts on removing weapons and military personnel from Kaliningrad and from the borders. Finlandfrom Crimea and from corners Russia“.” They lack human resources, “he assessed.

In his opinion, “they look forward to being able to break and rebuild to continue their offensive action in the next year.”

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“Of course, we don’t want to give them that option,” continued the US military. According to General Hodges, the Russian forces “need to be neutralized here and now, especially when they have nothing but artillery strikes.”

Russian armyTASS / Forum

“This is a great opportunity for Ukraine and I suspect that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is waiting for such a possibility, strengthening its forces and conducting appropriate preparations” – he pointed out.

According to the former commander of the US army in Europe, the Russian military will not be able to reach either Odessa or Kiev. “They will try to establish themselves in the occupied territories to announce their intermediate victories, because they are aware of the lack of the strength to move forward,” he said.

According to Hodges, the Kremlin hopes that the West will lack patience, interest and willingness to support Ukraine.

Main photo source: Narciso Contreras / Abaca / PAP

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