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The war in Ukraine – how long will it last? Will Ukraine take Crimea back? The experts answer

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Thursday will be the 400th day of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. Participants of the conference “Russian invasion of Ukraine: journalists, war, refugees”, held on Tuesday evening in London, believe that there is no other way for Ukraine to end the war than to regain all occupied territories. They added that it was unlikely to happen this year.

Jack Ross of the NGO Vans Without Borders, which donates to Ukraine vans, emphasized during the conference “Russian invasion of Ukraine: journalists, war, refugees” in London that the scale of damage caused by the Russians and the scale of suffering suffered by the Ukrainians is so great that they will not accept any compromises. “The Ukrainians are ready to fight to the last man, so the only way for peace is if they completely push the Russian soldiers out of their territory,” he said.

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Luke Harding, foreign correspondent for The Guardian and author of last year’s book on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, pointed out that the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky wants not only the restoration of the country’s territorial integrity, but also the bringing to an international tribunal of those responsible and the return of abducted children. However, he assessed that the complete recovery of the territories by Ukraine in 2023, as Zelensky said, is unlikely. “Ukraine has a better chance of regaining the south, including Crimea, than Donetsk and Lugansk, but unfortunately I’m afraid it will be a long war,” he said.

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Pro-Russian rally in occupied Crimea PAP/EPA/STRINGER

“Russia hopes to extend the war to the US presidential election”

Roland Oliphant, the foreign correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, stressed that Western support is crucial for Ukraine’s recovery of the occupied territories, but in his opinion it is being dosed too slowly. – As long as there is a sense in the West that this is also an existential war for us, Ukraine has a chance to win it. How long will it take? Russia certainly hopes to drag it to the presidential election in USA in 2024 that could change that, he pointed out.

A Ukrainian police officer after Russian rocket attacks in Avdiivka, Donbas, photo taken on March 17. Evgeniy Maloletka/Associated Press/East News

Ukrainian journalist and war correspondent Roman Bochkala said that he unfortunately agrees with the opinion that it will be a long war, but stressed that this year is crucial. – Ukraine currently has strong support, strong allies, but this situation may not last for many years. We do not know if in the future someone else will not start a war in another part of the world, or if some new catastrophe like Covid will not happen and, as a result, Ukraine will fall from the forefront of Europe or the USA. Therefore, we must act quickly. Otherwise, it will be another frozen conflict or even Putin may have another chance to attack Kiev, he warned. He expressed the opinion that the most urgent issue was Ukraine’s recovery of Zaporozhye.

The conference “Russian invasion of Ukraine: journalists, war, refugees” was organized by the British Poles portal and its partner was Polish National Foundation.

Main photo source: Evgeniy Maloletka/Associated Press/East News

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