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The war in Ukraine. Media: North Korea may send its citizens to rebuild Donbas

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Workers from North Korea may be sent to rebuild the territories occupied by Russia in the Donbas in eastern Ukraine, reported the South Korean portal NK News, citing the statement by Russian ambassador to North Korea Alexander Macegora.

– Our North Korean partners are also interested in purchasing spare parts and tools manufactured in Donbas and the reconstruction of their production plants – said Macegora, quoted by the South Korean portal.

As NK News emphasizes, this would be a violation of the sanctions The United Nations of December 2017, pursuant to which North Korea cannot purchase abroad, inter alia, industrial machinery, electronic equipment and spare parts.

Destruction in Bakhmut, Donbas Abaca / PAP / EPA

– (Cooperation with North Korea in the reconstruction of Donbas) would mean the first serious step towards degradation Russia from being a superpower to a rogue state. If Moscow violates the sanctions it has previously authorized, it will significantly weaken the UN Security Council, said Go Myong-hyun from the Asian Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul, quoted by NK News.

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– (Separatist) republics in the Donbass are not members of the United Nations, and can therefore ignore sanctions with impunity, said Prof. Andrei Lankov from the Kookmin University in Seoul.

Ukraine, Siewiersk, Ukrainian soldiersNarciso Contreras / Anadolu / Abaca / PAP

“Act of Hostility” by Pyongyang

On July 13, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea announced that it recognized the separatist Moscow-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic as independent states. Apart from Russia and North Korea, it has so far recognized the subjectivity of these quasi-states only Syria.

In response to the “act of hostility” by Pyongyang, Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with North Korea.

“We recognize this decision as an attempt to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, a clear violation of the Constitution of Ukraine and the main principles of international law,” said the Ukrainian Ministry of Diplomacy.

Fighting in DonbasPAP

Main photo source: Abaca / PAP / EPA

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