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The war in Ukraine. Russian “filtration” of detained Ukrainians in Mariupol. The first such recording

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Humiliation, abuse and fear of the occupiers – this is how the advisor of the mayor Mariupol loyal to Kiev described the actions of the Russians towards Ukrainians. Petro Andriushchenko published a video on social media showing a Russian soldier ordering detained men to show their tattoos.

“How the filtration and control of people in Mariupol took place – this is the most common question we hear from foreign journalists. This is the first time we publish frames (presenting) what it looked like at the beginning of the occupation in the city of Mariupol,” Andriushchenko wrote in the Telegram communicator. “Humiliation, abuse and fear of the occupiers,” he added.

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In the recording, you can hear a man ordering the detainee to show his tattoos. Stopped for inspection, he rolls up the trouser leg. The person whose voice is heard on the video states that the tattoo “is not like Azov”.

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The filtration action of the Russians in Mariupol aimed at the detained Ukrainianst.me/andriyshTime

Then you can see an armed military man examining the chest and back of another detained man. She also tilts his pants back and looks at the underwear. He also wants to check his phone. The checks take place in the street. The face of the Russian soldier is blurred.

Russian filtration camps

According to Courtney Austrian, the mission’s deputy chief USA Under the OSCE, the US has so far discovered at least 18 Russian filter camps on both sides of the Ukrainian-Russian border. According to her, Moscow most likely prepared most of them before its forces stepped on Ukraine. Filter camps are located in schools, sports centers and cultural institutions in some parts of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Those who left Russia after being “filtered” reported interrogations, beatings and torture of persons suspected of having ties with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as disappearances. From the filtration camps, Ukrainians are sent to cities all over Russia – often, according to testimony, to regions near China or Japan.

Austrian called the filtering “Stalinist”, adding that it was “another case in Russia’s long history of using mass deportation and depopulation to subjugate and control people.”

Main photo source: t.me/andriyshTime

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