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The war in Ukraine. Russian rocket attack on the Kharkiv estate. Recording

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A Russian rocket struck a housing estate in Kharkiv in northeast Ukraine on Saturday. At least six people were injured, including a 12-year-old girl, reports the Reuters agency, citing local authorities. The agency published a video of the attack.

As a result of the Russian shelling, one building was destroyed and another nearby was badly damaged. According to preliminary findings, the Russians used the Iskander rocket in the attack.

“There was a 12-year-old girl who was asleep,” a woman who had been mauled herself told Reuters. Yevhen Vasylchenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian State Emergency Services, confirmed that among the injured there is a 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized.

A Russian rocket hit an apartment building in KharkivReuters

The moment of rocket impact was recorded by a surveillance camera. The recording was made available by the Reuters agency.

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Russian offensive on Kharkiv

Russian forces have been shelling Kharkiv for weeks. Regional authorities say that Russian attacks are targeting residential buildings and schools killing civilians.

According to Kiev, the resumption of shelling of the city and surrounding villages is to force Ukraine until the withdrawal of troops from the main battlefield in Donbas to protect the civilian population from attacks.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian border guard informed that officers, during counter-diversion operations, detected signs of remote mining on a section of the road to Kharkiv and immediately notified the State Emergency Service of this fact.

According to the Ukrinform news agency, 20 Russian 152mm remotely controlled artillery shells connected to a radio-controlled remote console were found on site. They will be destroyed.

Main photo source: Reuters

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