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The war in Ukraine – the situation in Crimea. Ukrainian Headquarters: The Russian FSB conducts brutal filtering operations

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The Ukrainian general staff of the armed forces reported that the Russian Federal Security Service is carrying out brutal counter-intelligence and filtration activities in towns in the occupied Crimea.

In the morning message on social media, the General Staff of the Armed Forces Ukraine reported that the place of brutal operations is, for example, Krasnoperekopsk, a city in the north of the Crimean peninsula. “FSB employees conduct active counter-intelligence activities, which are accompanied by degrading filtration procedures,” the staff said. It added that during these procedures, civilians are forced to undress and the interrogations are accompanied by beatings.

British report on Russian spies. Better than the army, “unconventional operations”

Pro-Russian rally in occupied Crimea PAP/EPA/STRINGER

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Independent media: Russia is looking for workers to build fortifications in occupied Crimea

Russia is recruiting workers to build military fortifications along the North Crimean Canal in occupied Crimea – the independent Russian channel on Telegram, “Mom Objasnit”, reported on Wednesday. People who have already been employed there complain that their work has not been regulated in any way and that the salaries are lower than promised.

The authorities in Moscow and the self-proclaimed Crimean administration recognized that the North Crimean Canal, stretching in the north-eastern part of the peninsula, could be a natural obstacle in the event of an attack by the Ukrainian army.

Therefore, it was ordered to additionally fortify this part of the Crimea and build a line of trenches there, the opposition channel reads.

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