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The war in Ukraine. They managed to leave Mariupol. They tell about the ordeal they went through

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Jerzy Korczyński, a TVN24 reporter, spoke to a family who managed to escape from Mariupol to Poland by passing through Russian filtration camps. Before that happened, they were hiding in cellars. Their youngest child was born under such conditions. My father had to leave the basement to boil water. Thanks to this, they could feed the child with porridge.

– There were times when it was really hard to listen to what they were talking about. Their ordeal lasted over two and a half months. Continuous moving from basement to basement, looking for water – said reporter Jerzy Korczyński on TVN24 on Sunday (June 5).

He talked to an engineer from a Mariupol factory who, together with his wife and children, managed to escape from the city and get through Russia, Belarus to Lithuania, and finally to Poland.

The family fled Mariupol. It took them about a week to travel to PolandTVN24

The baby was born under extreme conditions

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Masha, the mother of the youngest son, was only able to go to the doctor who examined her when she was in Poland. She gave birth in the basement under extreme conditions. Nevertheless, the family hesitated for a long time whether to flee.

They could only run towards RussiaTVN24

– Let us remember that they could only run in one direction – towards Russia. And that meant they had to go through very humiliating filter camps, our reporter said.

Under artillery fire, he boiled water so that he could feed his son with porridge

Talking to him, Masha mentioned that it was very cold, so she had to change her son quickly and change his diaper.

The family fled Mariupol. It took them about a week to travel to PolandTVN24

– My husband was boiling water outside under artillery fire. Then we poured it into thermoses and mixed it with porridge to be able to feed the baby with anything – said the woman.

The older woman’s heart could not stand it. They buried her in the yard

However, her husband said that there was only one hospital in the city, which was impossible to get to. And the older son, who had a hernia problem, complained of increasing pains.

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– When I was boiling water outside, I found out that an elderly person had died in the basement where we were hiding. Due to the bombing, her heart could not stand it. We carried the body to the street. We called an ambulance and then I saw the doctors who came on foot. Then I realized that there was no more medical help in the city and it was time to run away. Doctors ordered the woman to be buried in the yard – he said.

They spent many hours in each filter camp

The family got into the car and drove towards Russia, passing through the filtration camps. There were three. They spent many hours in each one. In total, the trip to Poland took them about a week. They are now safe in one of the towns in the Silesian Voivodeship. Volunteers from Siemianowice helped them.

Main photo source: TVN24

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