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The war in Ukraine – war crimes of the Russians. The Polish prosecutor’s office is collecting evidence

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Prosecutor General and Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro announced that Polish prosecutors interviewed over 1,500 witnesses of Russian war crimes in Ukraine and collected numerous evidence, including films and photos. According to Dariusz Barski, the national prosecutor, the International Criminal Court in The Hague is already acquainted with these materials.

During Friday’s press conference at the National Prosecutor’s Office Zbigniew Ziobro he said outside Ukraine Poland was the first to initiate an investigation into the war of aggression. – As part of this intensive investigation, 1,700 witnesses have been interviewed so far, of which several hundred witnesses and their testimonials have been considered very relevant to the findings of war crimes committed as part of this aggressive war led by Russia – he said.

He added that part of the evidence is supported by videos and photos taken by witnesses at the scene.

Barski: we even managed to determine the identity of the perpetrators

The details of the investigation were discussed by the national prosecutor Dariusz Barski, who supervises the proceedings. – We interviewed 1,700 witnesses, but several hundred protocols are of such importance, which allowed us to isolate 24 threads related to war crimes. This is, of course, the killing of civilians, destruction of property, torture of soldiers, illegal deportations. We even managed to establish the identity of the perpetrators – he said.

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When asked who he was talking about, he replied that these were “Russian commanders who tortured in infiltration camps, the identity of these people was established.” As he added, these findings are particularly important for the Ukrainian side, which – as he noted – has the ability to conduct trials without apprehending the perpetrators.

Dariusz Barski and Zbigniew Ziobro PAP/Tomasz Gzell

The material is reviewed by the Court in The Hague

proc. Barski informed that the evidence collected by Polish investigators is being transferred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. – For a week, this material was reviewed by the Hague prosecutors, they asked us to provide this material in the context of using it in the proceedings they are conducting – said the prosecutor.

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The Polish investigation into the Russian attack on Ukraine was initiated on February 28, 2022. At the end of March last year. a joint investigation team of Ukraine was established, Lithuania and Poland. Later joined the team: EstoniaLatvia, Slovakia, Romania and the ICC.

Polish investigators are gathering evidence of Russian war crimes, collecting witness statements mainly in Poland. Some activities are also carried out in Ukraine. The collected evidence is to be used to prosecute the perpetrators of the crime, both by the Ukrainian judiciary and the ICC.

Main photo source: Anastasia Vlasova/Getty Images

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