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The war in Ukraine. Żaryn: The Foreign Intelligence Agency intercepted further conversations of Russian soldiers. Increasingly criticism of the command

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Further talks of Russian soldiers who take part in the aggression against Ukraine were intercepted by the Foreign Intelligence Agency, the press spokesman of the minister coordinator of special services, Stanisław Żaryn, reported. As he added, the tapes of the interviews indicate that “criticism of hostilities is becoming more common in the Russian army.”

– Subsequent recordings intercepted by Polish intelligence show that criticism of military actions against Ukraine – Stanisław Żaryn, the spokesman for the minister of the special services coordinator said on Thursday. Unplanned, chaotic actions, errors of commanders and very low morale – such a picture of the attack, different from the Kremlin’s propaganda messages, can be seen from the conversations intercepted by the Intelligence Agency.

Attack Russia to Ukraine. Live coverage on tvn24.pl

In the recording of the intercepted conversation, the soldier who took part in the aggression critically assesses the situation in the army, complains about the makeshift actions of the commanders, which, in his opinion, causes large losses among the soldiers, Żaryn pointed out.

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Russian soldier: there are three of our platoon left

He emphasized that the man mentioned that the Kremlin’s decision to start a war against Ukraine cost the lives of many Russians. Russian troops were crushed by the defenders of Ukraine. – The guys I rode with are gone. (…) There are three people left from our platoon – he says to his interlocutor.

Russian armyAP / Associated Press / East News

Żaryn pointed out that, according to the Russian, the military operations against Ukraine were poorly prepared, for which the soldiers were paying. – It is not good with all those who have ridden – either wounded or seriously injured – he communicates in the conversation taken over by the interview.

He also talks about bad decisions of commanders and complains about their morale and professionalism, which are supposed to be very low. He recalls that in one of his units “the deputy commander lost a soldier”. – On the third day, tankers found him – describes the events of the Russian.

The spokesman emphasized that the soldier stated in the interview that the real picture of the war that the Kremlin is waging against Ukraine is far from propaganda messages. “It just discourages everyone from joining the troops fighting at the front,” Żaryn pointed out. The soldier says: “if people are awakened by heroism – let them go there, then we’ll talk.”

“There is no indication that Russia intends to end the invasion”

Żaryn noted that this is another material obtained by the Foreign Intelligence Agency, which shows that Russian soldiers are increasingly aware that the propaganda message about the successes of the Russian army in the war against Ukraine is a lie.

– The Russians face effective and professional Ukrainian resistance and are suffering heavy losses. Despite this, the Russian command continues its hostilities against Ukraine. There are no indications that Russia intends to end the invasion in the near future – said the press spokesman of the minister coordinator of secret services.

The recording can be found on the Agencja Wywiadu channel on YouTube.

Main photo source: AP / Associated Press / East News

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