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The water level in Narew is falling fast. “The river will soon show its bottom”

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Every day, the water level in the Narew River drops by a few centimeters, which can have a very negative impact on the entire ecosystem. The director of the local landscape park, Mariusz Sachmaciński, who met our reporter in the Narew valley near Piątnica (Podlaskie Voivodeship), admitted that he was concerned about the situation. According to him, the river will soon show its bottom.

– Although it carries large masses of water – because today the depth is about two and a half meters – and has several pits with a depth of nine and even up to 13 meters, the daily drops in the water level of seven centimeters mean that in the near future the river will show its bottom – said Mariusz Sachmaciński, director of the Łomża Landscape Park of the Narew Valley, on TVN24.

Our reporter Anna Borkowska-Mińko talked to him in the valley near Piątnica. The falls of water he was talking about usually occurred at the turn of July and August, and we are only at the beginning of June.

Drops in the water level can be seen on the shores TVN24

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They are waiting for rain

– We are very concerned about this. The water deficit story began on May 10. The ordeal continues to this day. Drops in the water level are noticeable both on the banks of the river and in the wetlands surrounding the valley. Despite the fact that this space is very diverse – it has many water reservoirs, such as oxbow lakes, swamps or drainage ditches – it is dry everywhere there – said the director.

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The water level has been falling since May 10 TVN24

Unfortunately, this phenomenon may have a negative impact on the nature of the entire valley.

– Drops in the water level will not even allow us to maintain the resources of fish species that reside here until the end of July. This zone will become less attractive for fishing and tourism – said Sachmaciński, adding that he was waiting for rain just like everyone else.

It will be difficult to maintain the stocks of fish species that currently reside hereTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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