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The weather in the US is extremely harsh. Several tornadoes appeared in the south

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Extremely difficult conditions prevail in a very large area in the south United States. Except the powerful storms i tornado Flash flood warnings also appeared in many places.

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Tornadoes passed through cities

Wednesday in the south USA noticed silne tornado. One of them, blowing at speeds of over 180 km/h, hit 84,000 people inhabitants of the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana. The tornado covered a distance of about one and a half kilometers, tearing off the roofs of nearby houses.

In Port Arthur, Texas the tornado was almost 300 meters wide and covered a route of approximately three kilometers. It also damaged houses and uprooted trees. Fortunately, none of these tornadoes injured or killed anyone, the US Weather Service (NWS) reported.

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Together At least four tornadoes occurred in the states of Louisiana and Texas – American media report. However, these were not the only elements that threatened the inhabitants of the south USA in recent days.

Due to bad weather, a total of approximately 260,000 households were without electricity on Wednesday evening. Only in Louisiana did power not reach 136,000 people. recipients.

Downpours and hail in the southern USA

On Tuesday, they took place in many places stock exchangewhich were accompanied by strong downpours, hailstorm and gusty wind. On Wednesday, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced that one person had died in the state due to severe conditions (in Scott County) and at least one person was injured. Together 72 houses were damaged or destroyed in the state.

In New Orleans, streets were flooded on Wednesday and flash flood warnings were in effect. City residents were advised not to drive.

On Thursday morning flash flood warning also issued for Tallahassee, Florida. In many places, basements and streets were flooded. Heavy rains are still expected not only in Florida but also in Ohio, among others.

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American Tornado Alley. Interia's report/Interia.pl/INTERIA.PL

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