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The weather makes it difficult for Ukrainian soldiers to fight effectively. There are also problems with the rotation of combatants at the front

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Heavy winter weather causes the Ukrainian army to defend rather than attack on the front. It also needs new soldiers, but there are fewer and fewer volunteers. There is already talk of changing the rules for general, mass mobilization, which will include a larger number of recruits.

Ukrainian soldiers hold off Russian assaults near Avdiivka, but freezing rain turns everything into fields of ice. – It’s hard to even get to the position where we have to fight. The black ice is terrible, says one of the Ukrainian soldiers.

The hurricane-force fire of Russian artillery and heavy machine guns does not subside for a moment. – They’re active again. This means that their infantry will soon move, adds another Ukrainian soldier.

The fields near Avdiivka were the site of the heaviest fighting. The Russians want to capture the city at all costs so that the Kremlin can boast of any victory. – On just one section of the front, for which one battalion is responsible, at least 600 shells fall every day – says Ruslan Yarmolyuk, a reporter for the Ukrainian television 1+1.

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After the artillery barrage, enemy assault groups start attacking. Ukrainian soldiers count the ammunition fired not by pieces, but by boxes.

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Defenders have almost no time to rest. – We can rest for two or three hours – says the Ukrainian soldier. – We’ve been here for four months. We arrived at the front on August 13, adds another soldier.

What did Ukraine achieve after the Brussels summit?Andrzej Zaucha/Fakty TVN

Problems with mobilization

The Ukrainian army has increasing problems with the rotation of soldiers fighting on the front. – We have some problems with human resources. They are no longer as rested. However, taking this into account, each brigade develops a plan to swap companies and battalions. Some unit is always resting – assures General Oleksandr Tarnawski, commander of the Ukrainian operational and strategic group Tauryda.

Soldiers are resting close to the front line and are unable to go home. There is growing dissatisfaction among relatives who are protesting and demanding large-scale mobilization from the authorities.

– We don’t want the war to end. We want Ukraine to win, but we do not want it to be done by the same people all the time, emphasizes Antonina Danylewicz, the wife of a Ukrainian soldier.

Antonina’s husband volunteered to defend Ukraine in March 2022, over 20 months ago. During this time, he was home on leave for 25 days. At the beginning of the Russian aggression, crowds of volunteers stood in front of military reinforcement commands. Now the situation has changed. – They can hand in the summons in any public place. I heard that they give them on buses and restaurants. That’s why I don’t leave the house at all, says one of the men.

Massive campaigns of handing out calls to arms on the street, in gyms or restaurants will not solve the problem. – It is impossible without mass mobilization. No amount of recruitment will cover our needs, points out Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukrainian military intelligence.

The Ukrainian parliament will soon consider new rules that will limit the possibilities of avoiding conscription.

Main photo source: ENEX

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