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The weekend line 800 is back to Kampinos

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Every weekend, line 800 will take you to the Kampinos Forest. The bus starts at the Młociny metro station. You can go hiking in the forest near the capital. It is also a place of historical events.

The Kampinos Forest is a phenomenon on a European scale – just outside the metropolis there is a national park with an area of ​​over 38,000 hectares. These are the remnants of forests that covered today’s Mazovia centuries ago. According to the town hall, there are over 350 kilometers of hiking trails in the forest, leading through meadows, swamps, dunes and, of course, the forest.

From Saturday, August 1, Kampinos can be reached by line 800. It will run until October, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (except April 8-10, May 1 and August 15).

The route will run from Metro Młociny through al. Gen. M. Wittek. Then the bus will take the following route: Pułkowa – Łomianki: Kolejowa – Kiełpin Stary: Kolejowa – Dziekanów Leśny: Kolejowa – Dziekanów Polski: Gdańsk highway – Palmiry: Gdańsk highway – Palmirska road – Kampinoski National Park: Palmirska road. The final station is Palmiry-Museum.

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Buses line 800 to KampinosCity Hall of Warsaw

The forest is a place of historical events

Battles took place in the Kampinos Forest during the January Uprising and World War II. The forest is also a place of historical events – battles of the January Uprising. On its premises, during the Warsaw Uprising, a Home Army camp of several thousand people was located.

The victims of 21 mass murders carried out by the Germans in 1939-43 were buried in the Kampinos Forest. athlete Janusz Kusociński and the Marshal of the Sejm – Maciej Rataj. You can see an exhibition devoted to the executions in Palmiry and in the Kampinos Forest in the years 1939-43, and the events in this area during World War II. This exhibition is located in the Museum in Palmiry, in the immediate vicinity of the final bus stop of line 800.

Walks through the forest

You can combine a visit to the museum with a walk and return home by Warsaw Public Transport. Near the museum there are hiking trails leading deep into the Kampinos National Park. They can be used to reach stops of other bus lines, e.g. to 210 in Truskaw, which can be reached by a four-kilometre long red or blue trail, or to line 150 in Dziekanów Leśny. Buses of both lines reach the Młociny metro station.

For a longer walk, but also back to Warsaw to the Bemowo metro station by WTP buses, you can go to Lipków and from there take bus 714 (green and blue route, about 12 kilometers) or to Mariew and bus 729 (green and blue route, about 10 kilometers kilometers) or the route to Leszno (red and yellow trail, about 17 kilometers), ending near the stops of the bus line 719.

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Difficulties in running the first metro line Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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