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The Weimar Triangle, NATO and Finland plan to increase military support for Ukraine

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The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland write in a joint article about the need to increase Europe's efforts towards defense capabilities. An example of such action has already been shown by one of the new NATO members – Finland has joined the group of countries that have provided security guarantees to Ukraine.

A few weeks after the revival of the Weimar Triangle, the foreign ministers of Poland, France and Germany appeal for solidarity with Ukraine in a joint text. Radosław Sikorski, Stephane Sejourne and Annalena Baerbock wrote: “This is a moment that may define the future of our children.”

In their opinion, NATO countries should spend a minimum of 2 percent of their GDP on defense, and their arms industry should increase its capacity. Moreover, they claim that the West should do everything to maintain a technological advantage over potential adversaries.

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The head of American diplomacy speaks in a similar tone during his trip to Europe. – We are at a critical moment when it is absolutely necessary to provide Ukrainians with what they still need to defend themselves, especially when it comes to ammunition and air defense. This is a short-term challenge that we are trying to meet together, said Antony Blinken.

Antony Blinken first visited Paris, then flew to Brussels for a two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

Sikorski: we support the efforts of the NATO Secretary General for Ukraine

NATO and Finland aid for Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proposed creating a fund for Ukraine worth $100 billion over five years. The amount of contributions paid by individual countries would depend on the size of their economies.

In Kiev, the Ukrainian authorities signed another bilateral security agreement. This time with Finland. The government in Helsinki has pledged to provide military aid worth over EUR 180 million. Previously, Ukraine concluded similar agreements with, among others, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands.

– In Finland, we believe not only in the sense of mutual security agreements with Ukraine, but also in Ukraine's membership in the European Union and NATO. This will by definition be a victory for Ukraine and a defeat for Russia and Putin, said Finnish President Alexander Stubb.

Siewiera: we should take a much more assertive approach to the issue of defending NATO's eastern flank in airspace (statement of March 19, 2024)

Siewiera: we should take a much more assertive approach to the issue of defending NATO's eastern flank in airspace (statement of March 19, 2024)TVN24

Russian disinformation is increasing

– We see the continuous development of the Russian army. We see him receiving a significant amount of ammunition and weapons from North Korea and Iran. We see how Russia managed to put its economy into war mode. We also see that Moscow is willing to pay a very high price in terms of men and materials for marginal gains on the Ukrainian battlefield with little or no respect for human life, notes the NATO Secretary General.

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Moscow also gets a helping hand from Beijing. Two months before the European elections, Chinese propaganda is helping to publicize pro-Kremlin statements by far-right European politicians.

– Since the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, a significant number of German citizens have expressed strong opposition to the supply of any type of weapons to Ukraine. Initially, the government assured that it would only provide helmets and rifles, but then increased support to include heavy weapons and ammunition. The government assured that it would not deliver armored vehicles, but they are currently in Ukraine, said Petr Bystron from Alternative for Germany.

Far-right parties from all over Europe are trying to use disinformation to argue, among other things, that military aid for Ukraine is mainly in the interest of the American arms industry.

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