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“The white-blue-white flag of freedom will be hoisted in Moscow”

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Russian guerrillas again play on Putin’s nose and prove that he who sows the wind reaps the storm. They carry out further actions, and new volunteers join their ranks. Meanwhile, the Wagner Group needs “at least a month to stabilize”, according to its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Explosions in the Smolensk, Kursk, Kaluga and Belgorod regions. Evacuation of the inhabitants of Shebekino and another rally of guerrillas attacking the territory of the Russian Federation. By attacking Ukraine, the Russian dictator apparently did not foresee this. The Kremlin finds it difficult to explain why Russia’s borders are not properly defended and why the Russians themselves are attacking there. – We will liberate all of Russia. From Belgorod to Vladivostok, so the white-blue-white flag of freedom will be hoisted in Moscow, assures a member of the Freedom Legion of Russia.

Russian partisans say that their ranks are being joined by an increasing number of volunteers. More than a hundred volunteers were to take part in the last rally deep into the Belgorod region. This presents Putin’s commanders with a serious new dilemma. Should you strengthen your own borders or continue to try to replenish the units attacking Ukraine? We want at least a month to stabilize. Because it was a hard history, a hard year. Then it will become clear what’s next – explains Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the mercenaries of the Wagner Group.

The mercenaries of the Wagner Group are to withdraw from their positions by Monday and hand them over to troops directly subordinate to Putin. These troops are no longer capable of any offensive, but rather wait for a move from Ukraine. We’re always ready to attack. We are waiting for orders. As soon as the order comes, we will attack – assures Mykola, a Ukrainian soldier.

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Wagner Group mercenaries leave Bachmut Reuters

Kiev’s problems

The situation at the front might have been different if the Russians had used their cruise missiles and kamikaze drones to attack military targets rather than shelling Ukrainian cities. At night, Putin’s troops attacked Kiev again. “Situation like last night in Kiev, when people came to the shelter and it was closed, should never happen again,” said Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine. He does not hide his indignation and announces inspections of all shelters.

On Thursday, fragments from a Russian Iskander missile shot down over Kiev killed three people, including a nine-year-old girl. It happened right outside the door to the refuge. “We deeply sympathize with the parents of the girl who died. It’s terrible when people die, but the death of a child is the most terrible thing that can happen, says Iryna BohdaÅ„chikowa, a resident of Kiev.

The mayor of Kiev and former boxer Vitaly Klitschko assures that he understands the fury of the residents and announces a detailed investigation of the case. – The prosecutor’s office, the security services and the police have already launched an investigation. Conclusions will be drawn, Klitschko promises.

Stoltenberg: All NATO members agree that Ukraine will join the Alliance

Stoltenberg: All NATO members agree that Ukraine will join the AllianceFOR THIS

Appeal to the West

During the summit of the European Political Community in Moldova, President Zelensky did not mention the names of those who should be punished. He stressed that this is why, in order to avoid further tragedies, he asks for strengthening the defense of the Ukrainian skies at every meeting with the Western allies. The request concerns not only anti-aircraft systems, but also modern fighters.

– Today I heard strong support from many countries, I heard about a significant number of fighter aircraft. With the help of the United States, we will soon create this coalition, Zelensky assures.

The Ukrainian leader hopes to convince the United States not only to support pilot training, but also to take a leadership role in the coalition that is to provide it. – We all agree that in the middle of the war we cannot make Ukraine a full member of NATO. But at the same time, we must prepare for when the war is over, says Jens Stolenberg, NATO secretary general. Key decisions regarding the security of NATO countries and further support for Ukraine will be made during the next NATO summit in July in Vilnius.

Main photo source: Twitter/Artur Micek

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