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The White House is decorated for Christmas. Jill Biden showed 12 rooms

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The White House is now ready for Christmas. Joe and Jill Biden presented the decorations on Monday, November 29. The American presidential couple dedicated many decorations to people from the front lines of fighting the pandemic.

The theme of this year’s Christmas decorations at the White House is the slogan “Gifts of the Heart”. The d├ęcor of 12 rooms refers to topics related to, among others with the gift of faith, peace, nature, family, service, science and art.

The leitmotif was the brainchild of the US First Lady. – We are all equal, we are connected by really important things. Just as the arms of the star join in its center, we all unite through our hearts – said Jill Biden during the opening ceremony.

On this occasion, among others, Malcolm Elementary Second Year in Waldorf, Maryland. Jill Biden, who is an educator by profession, read to the guests a book of her own authorship called “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops”.

Christmas trees in the White Housewhitehouse.gov

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Two kilometers of ribbons, 10,000 ornaments

Over 100 volunteers took part in decorating the White House. Traditionally, volunteers have come from all over the United States, but this year it was impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So people willing to help from the area were invited.

Volunteers helped arrange 41 Christmas trees and over 300 candles. Almost two kilometers of ribbons and 10,000 ornaments were used for decoration. The White House was lit by nearly 80,000 lamps.

The decorations were made in the White House under the supervision of Jill Biden and her team. Work on them started in July.

Gratitude to those fighting COVID-19

A mock-up made of gingerbread is an expression of tribute to those working on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. Around the White House there is a hospital, fire department, gas station, post office, grocery store, school and warehouse.

In this way, medics, teachers, salespeople, policemen, firefighters as well as representatives and representatives of other professions who work at risk of health and life were honored. The gingerbread house weighs almost 160 kilograms.

The White Gingerbread Housewhitehouse.gov

The eastern wing of the White House was also dedicated to frontline employees. The theme here is “the gift of service”.

“This year we have witnessed the great compassion, courage and selflessness shown by people fighting the coronavirus. Today we pay tribute to their service and sacrifice” – you can read on the White House website. The colors used in the decorations – blue and yellow – symbolize peace, light and hope.

White House – East Wingwhitehouse.gov

More rooms and more gifts

The main Christmas tree of the White House was placed in the Blue Room. It is a gift of peace and national unity. The names of all US states and territories are written on the holiday chain.

The main Christmas tree in the White Housewhitehouse.gov

A Golden Star Christmas tree has also been erected in the White House. It commemorates the soldiers and women soldiers who died for the United States and their families.

Christmas tree with golden starswhitehouse.gov

The library symbolizes the gift of science. It is dedicated to teachers, teachers and students who face major challenges due to the pandemic.

The white house – the librarywhitehouse.gov

The Vermeil Room (French for gilded silver) is dedicated to the gift of the visual arts. The Red Room is a tribute to the gift of the performing arts. Musical instruments are hung on decorative ribbons in the windows. The Green Room is dedicated to nature.

The White House – The Red Roomwhitehouse.gov

A room dedicated to the visual artswhitehouse.gov

The Green Room in the White Housewhitehouse.gov

The peace of China is dedicated to the gift of friendship. It is supposed to inspire people to share meals, but also shared memories, laughter and love. Eastern Peace is meant to bring to mind the gift of gratitude. It is filled with Christmas cards that symbolize good deeds every day.

White House – Chinese Peacewhitehouse.gov

The White House – The Room of Gratitudewhitehouse.gov

The decorations in the largest dining room of the White House symbolize the gift of the family. Socks with the names of Joe Biden’s grandsons hang over the fireplace. Christmas trees placed in the hall of the White House are to remind people of the gift of faith and community.

White House – gifts for the familywhitehouse.gov

Christmas trees in the White Housewhitehouse.gov

Main photo source: whitehouse.gov

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