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The Wielkopolska motorway allows students to enter for free so that they can get used to higher speeds

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80 percent of new drivers have never used the motorway despite their driving license. One of the operators of Polish highways is launching a pioneering project “Driving course on the highway”. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

– We conducted an independent study, which shows that only less than 17 percent of respondents had the opportunity to drive the motorway during the driving license course – says Anna Ciamciak, spokeswoman for Autostrada Wielkopolska SA


– I know instructors who think that going to the expressway or the motorway is pointless at the training stage – says the owner of the Elmol driving school, Piotr Rucki. – They believe that such a person is to be prepared to pass the exam, that is, we train on the so-called exam routes – he adds.

According to the regulations, during the course, everyone does not have to enter the motorway or even the expressway – it is only mandatory to drive for at least four hours outside built-up areas, including roads with a speed limit above 70 km / h. For this, an ordinary national road is sufficient.

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The highway admits students for free

Autostrada Wielkopolska encourages instructors to take students also on the fastest routes. The motorway allows “elki” on its section for free, so that students can get used to higher speeds. 35 driving schools from Wielkopolska and Lubuskie have already joined the project. During such a ride, the trainee is to learn how to brake from 140 km / h to 20 km / h in the parking lot, how to maintain the appropriate distance or not to make a mistake in the direction of travel at the junction.

The reporter of “Poland and the World” asked the Ministry of Infrastructure whether the order to drive on high-speed routes for students could become mandatory, but he did not receive an answer. According to the instructors asked, training everyone on the highways would not be easy, because not every region has such routes. There may also be a shortage of time – the entire practical course lasts 30 hours.

Main photo source: TVN24

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