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The words of the PiS president continue to echo. “Such speeches poison the national holiday”

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Poland celebrates November 11th. Independence Day is a perfect opportunity to be together – to remember the time of slavery and Poland’s path to victory. This victory also included Poland’s entry into the European Union. However, not everyone is happy about this. When Donald Tusk talks about unity, Jarosław Kaczyński threatens with annihilation by Germany.

On Saturday, Poland celebrated National Independence Day. Numerous events took place throughout the country, where patriotic moods usually prevailed and smiles appeared on faces. Early in the morning you could listen to Donald Tusk’s message. – We, the nation, are one. If someone uses the word “nation” to divide and spread hatred, he is against the nation. If someone uses the word “nation” to cover up injustice and simple theft, he commits sacrilege, said the candidate of the democratic opposition for prime minister.

Politicians of various stripes laid wreaths at monuments at memorial sites – with a unifying message. – There is a place for everyone in the Republic of Poland. There is a place for everyone. Regardless of his views, emphasized Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, leader of the Polish People’s Party.

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The central celebrations began at noon. PiS politicians presented themselves as still the most important people in the country. This will probably change soon, but for now they could still listen to President Andrzej Duda’s speech from the honorary stand. The president said that Russia was a threat to independence. – Not only can we not be sure that it will stop. We can be sure that it will not stop, said Andrzej Duda. A moment later, the president also emphasized his distance from Western countries. – Let’s be in alliances, but wisely – he emphasized. Andrzej Duda did not say what he meant.

President: let the effect of historical memory that has been building for 105 years be the most important signpost for our future TVN24

Echoes of the president’s words?

Andrzej Duda’s words may be an echo of the speech of President Jarosław Kaczyński, who stated that the European Union seeks to take away our independence and liquidate Poland, or even to “annihilate the Polish state.” We have been in the EU for almost 20 years. Poland is developing like never before. This was also often talked about during the November 11 celebrations. Poland is independent. President Kaczyński’s party won democratic elections here three times. Now she will probably have to give up power democratically – hence perhaps the anger and accusations against the opposition. – This coalition (democratic opposition – editor’s note) is headed by a German, not a Polish party – emphasized Kaczyński. In other words, millions of Poles heard from the president that they voted for German agents or perhaps traitors.

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The president – standing under the Piłsudski monument – spoke as if he still had to fight the invaders. – I am convinced that the new government will take care of Poland’s interests – reassures Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw. Other coalition politicians say that the PiS president is unnecessarily spoiling the national holiday. – He still can’t accept defeat and will complain left and right – says Tomasz Trela ​​from Nowa Lewica. – Such speeches poison the national holiday – says Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

The way the PiS president spoke clearly contrasts with the joyful and festive atmosphere in many places in the country. Moreover, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself wrote on social media that we – Poles – joyfully celebrate what unites us, not divides us.

Main photo source: PAP/Paweł Supernak

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