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The world’s least friendly cities. Two European metropolises at the forefront

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Accra, the capital of Ghana, is the least friendly city in the world, according to The Community Spirit Index, prepared by the language platform Preply. Marrakech and Mumbai took the podium of the infamous ranking, but there are also European metropolises in the top. The authors of the list considered Toronto and Sydney to be the friendliest cities in the world.

What does “unfriendly city” mean? The creators of the ranking explain that they assessed the world’s metropolises in six categories: the percentage of tourists returning to a given city after visiting it, safety, equal treatment of members of the LGBTQ+ community, the general sense of happiness of residents, ease of communication using the most popular languages ​​and the percentage of accommodation places rated as friendly.

The least friendly city in the world

Accra, the capital, was named the least friendly city in the world Ghana. Located in West Africa, the metropolis with over 2.5 million inhabitants scored only 3.12 out of 10 points in the Community Spirit Index study, on the basis of which the ranking was created. Marrakesh, ranked second, received 3.69 points. The result of completing the infamous podium of Mumbai, the second largest city Indiais 3.91 points.

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Accra, GhanaShutterstock

Among the ten least friendly cities in the world, there are two European metropolises: the eighth position in Greece, Athens, and the French Lyon, which closes the top ten.

The least friendly cities in the world – ranking

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

India. New DelhiShutterstock


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The friendliest cities in the world

The Community Spirit Index has also identified the friendliest cities in the world. Canada’s Toronto and Australia’s Sydney won, scoring 7.97 points each in the survey. They were followed by two British cities: Edinburgh in Scotland and Manchester in England. Only representatives of three continents were classified in the top twenty: Europe, North America and Australia and Oceania.

The friendliest cities in the world – the top ten

3. Edinburgh, Great Britain

Edinburgh Old TownShutterstock

4. Manchester, UK

San Francisco shutterstock_246517720Shutterstock

Denmark, CopenhagenShutterstock

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The Community Spirit Index

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