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The worst airlines in Europe. In a survey conducted by a British research center, two giants were “distinguished”.

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From a survey conducted by the British research center Which? shows that Wizz Air is the worst airline in Europe, and Ryanair is only slightly better. The study took into account the level of overall passenger satisfaction, but also specific factors such as punctuality and the quality of food served on board.

The findings of the survey, which surveyed more than 8,000 passengers, were published on Which? February 22. The Hungarian Wizz Air was named the worst airline in Europe by the respondents. Passengers’ satisfaction with the services of the carrier popular across the continent was only 48 percent. Wizz Air’s biggest competitor, Irish Ryanair, received only a slightly better rating with 52 percent. High places in this anti-ranking were also taken by Eurowings (53%), British Airways (56%) and Lufthansa (57%).

“Wizzair was for many years the only option for many Eastern European countries, but in recent years it has expanded rapidly. Unfortunately, it has grown to become a small version of Ryanair. Like its competitor, it charges you extra if you want to bring anything on board. larger than a bag that fits under the seat,” the authors of the study conclude.

In turn, Jet2 was recognized as the best airline in Europe. In the case of the UK-registered carrier, customer satisfaction was 80%, which was the highest result in the ranking. Turkish Airlines (78 percent) and Finnair and Swiss (75 percent each) were also on the podium, closely followed by Norwegian and Aurigny Air Service (74 percent each).

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Wizz Air and Ryanair among the worst

The study also took into account how individual airlines perform in specific categories. For punctuality, passengers value the Spanish Iberia the most, Aurigny Air Service and Aegean Airlines are also highly rated in this respect. The punctuality of Tui Airways planes was rated the worst by the respondents, with Wizz Air in the penultimate place in this category, and Ryanair just ahead.

These three airlines, however, are among the least likely to cancel flights at the last minute. Most often, such a situation occurs to passengers of Eurowings, Aurigny Air Service and SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

The results in the value for money category are in line with the overall results. The best in this respect were the three airlines at the top of the main ranking: Jet2, Turkish Airlines and Finnair, the worst: Wizz Air and Eurowings.

The worst food and drink, according to survey participants by Which?, is served on board Ryanair flights. Wizz Air was rated only slightly better in this category. In turn, Turkish Airlines, Finnair, Swiss and Icelandair were indicated as the best airlines in terms of the quality of meals served in the air.

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