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Theft in stores – the number of crimes is on the rise. Data for 2022

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In 2022, 476,000 criminal offenses were recorded – 8,000 more than in 2021. Theft is a plague – most often alcohol and expensive cosmetics disappear from stores, although there are thefts explained by poverty, informs “Rzeczpospolita”. Last year, thefts reached 124,000. – that’s over 12,000. more than the year before (not counting offences).

As indicated in the daily, more than half of all crimes committed last year were criminal acts – 476,000 of them were recorded throughout the country, which is 8.1 thousand more than in the previous year. more than a year earlier. “What is worrying, the so-called common crimes, which include the seven most burdensome categories for society, were more frequent. And theft is a plague,” the newspaper reported.

The number of thefts is increasing

The increase in the number of thefts was confirmed in an interview with “Rz” insp. Mariusz Ciarka, spokesman for the Police Headquarters. As he noted, in shops mainly alcohol and expensive cosmetics are taken without paying. – This shows that such behavior cannot be justified by low income or poverty – he assessed.

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According to KGP data, there were 249,000 deaths last year. common crimes – an increase of 10.7 thous. compared to 2021. Among them, thefts dominate, the scale of which is huge – last year reached the level of 124 thousand. – it’s over 12 thousand. more than the year before (not counting offences). “The theft plague affects especially large cities, where thieves have room to show off” – emphasized “Rz”.

“Although there were more thefts, the perpetrators were arrested less often, but they were more often caught red-handed and more often stole from minors (an increase of 500,000 young people). but, for example, in Lubelskie or Warmińsko-Mazurskie – 58 percent. In Warsaw – every fourth. There are translations about the motivation of ‘poverty’ – as last year in Katowice, where a woman stole bread and kefir worth PLN 12 in a supermarket” – it was written in the newspaper.

It was also noted that more than 3.2 thousand – up to the level of 70.1 thous. the number of burglaries has decreased. “However, there are regions where burglaries have increased – the most (increase by nearly one sixth) in Wielkopolska” – we read.

“Perhaps the thieves are tempted by the wealth of the region’s inhabitants,” the officers suggested, as they saw no other simple explanation. “Undoubtedly, data in Wielkopolska were conquered by burglars who were arrested last autumn after several years of activity – they heard 130 allegations” – it was written.

“The scale of economic crimes also increased – by over 39,000 – to the level of nearly 265,000. The largest, 186% increase (from 40,000 to nearly 75,000) took place in Silesia,” the daily reported.

Raising the crime threshold for theft

Back in December, the managing director of the SkipWish Group, Maciej Tygielski, in the TVN24 program “You get up and know” said that the increase in shoplifting will be affected by the amendment to the Penal Code, which from February 2023 is to increase the theft threshold from the current PLN 500 to PLN 800.

– I think it is worrying because thieves have been and will be, nothing will change here, but we are talking about encouragement by amending the Penal Code and raising the threshold – said Maciej Tygielski. – This will encourage not only organized criminal groups, but also normal Poles, who have not previously committed these thefts, to do it more often – he assessed.

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