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Their goal is to find the bodies of the dead. This is how the Vyacheslav branch works

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Their motto is simple – we leave no one on the battlefield, not even the dead. This is the everyday life of Ukrainian soldiers whose task is to recover the bodies of their killed colleagues. This work is so demanding and burdensome that it is difficult for someone from the outside to imagine it. But the reward is knowing that the relatives of the victims will be able to say goodbye to their heroes with dignity. CNN TV footage.

Retrieving the bodies of the fallen is a deadly mission. At dawn, Vyacheslav and his team set out for the freshly recaptured territory, where the fight takes place in an endless network of trenches. These tasks are not often mentioned, although they are very important. Vyacheslav’s unit recovers the bodies of Ukrainians and Russians from the front. Their work is exhausting. While the other soldiers focus on surviving in hiding, Vyacheslav’s squad carries heavy body bags. If they make it to the road, there’s hope that the body can be delivered to the bereaved.

Ukrainian POWs returned home from Russian captivity Reuters

Under fire

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The search takes place under constant enemy fire. When searching the trenches, soldiers must be careful because mines can be everywhere.

For the soldiers fighting there, seeing Vyacheslav is a great relief. His men will take away the bodies reminding you of the imminence of death. However, Vyacheslav’s group is also at risk. The Russians look for targets even among people burying the bodies of their comrades. – I don’t understand why the Russians won’t let us recover these bodies. They know that we mainly collect their corpses, – says one of the members of Vyacheslav’s group.

The smile on Vyacheslav’s face appears only when he is sure that he has escaped from the most dangerous zone. The relief of the soldiers, however, is nothing compared to what the funeral of the deceased soldier can give to the bereaved family.

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