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There are many accidents in Poland in June. “Let’s not drive a long route non-stop, let’s go to the station”

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The police are not idle over the long weekend. Last year, most accidents happened in June. Nice weather can be deceptive as it reduces caution. – Let’s go to the station, let’s not drive a long route non-stop, let’s have a rest, drink coffee, let’s go back to driving – appeals Arkadiusz Kuzio from the Road Safety Academy.

The long June weekend is conducive to closer and further trips. However, before we get there, thoughts about vacation should not occupy our heads and reduce our concentration behind the wheel. It is also not worth rushing and trying to cover a long route without any stops. – In autumn and winter, in difficult weather conditions, when it is dark, we rarely decide to cover the route from Gdańsk to Kraków. In spring and summer, when the days are longer, a large group of people travel from the seaside, from Gdańsk, to Zakopane, says Marek Konkolewski, an expert on road safety.

– Let’s go to the station, let’s not drive a long route non-stop, let’s have a rest, drink coffee, let’s go back to driving – appeals Arkadiusz Kuzio from the Road Safety Academy.

Accidents on Polish roads. “We don’t think and we don’t care about others, we are egoists behind the wheel”Wojciech Sidorowicz/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

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Accident time

The long weekend is a time of intense police work. In order for the meeting with the traffic police to end pleasantly, it is enough to follow the rules. Especially that the uniforms watch careless drivers also from the air, and fines can significantly reduce the holiday budget.

Police statistics show that in 2022, June saw the highest number of road accidents. In 2,349 incidents, 2,762 people were injured and 90 people died. – June, when it comes to 2022, is almost 11 percent of all road accidents, and it was the most tragic month in terms of the number of these events. In general, the holiday months are characterized by a very high traffic intensity and despite the beautiful weather, these events happen all the time – explains nadkom. Robert Opas from the Road Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters.

Good conditions and a dry roadway can make you feel more secure, which, combined with carelessness, leads straight to an accident. Especially where speeds are higher. – Our concentration always drops when we drive at higher speeds outside the built-up area. In built-up areas, we have intersections and traffic lights every now and then, so we have to be vigilant. Outside built-up areas, statistically, concentration drops by 20 percent, explains Arkadiusz Kuzio.

One intersection, two serious accidents

One intersection, two serious accidents KP PSP in Zgierz

First: think

Although Polish roads are becoming safer every year, some dangerous behaviors are still repeated. – Here we are talking mostly about not adjusting the speed to the traffic conditions, ignoring the signs of traffic signals, not giving the right of way. Speed ​​is very often of great importance. Robert Opas. Mr. Wojciech, the bus driver, spends a lot of time on the road and sees a lot. – Include a little imagination, because some people drive without imagination. There are many drivers who think they are immortal – says Wojciech Manuszewski, a bus driver.

It should be remembered that we are not alone on the road, and increased traffic, especially in built-up areas, does not mean that there are only more cars. Before you set off, it’s worth remembering that preparing for the journey applies to both the car and the driver. – For example, refilling the windshield washer fluid, checking the condition of your wipers, because only then can we be surprised when heavy rain falls during the route. We should plan our route well, assuming that something unforeseen happens. Let’s not try to be there at a specific time, and this is our deadline, but let’s make this time buffer – appeals Michał Kościuszko, a rally driver.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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