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There are many undecided voters. “PiS can only count on the mobilization of its electorate”

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The Batory Foundation’s research leaves no doubt – there are many undecided voters and still hesitating who to vote for – on all sides of the political divide. The opposition must fight for them, and PiS politicians by participating in the debate would make this task easier for the opposition. This is what research shows.

Law and Justice decided to ignore the debate on TVN24 as the only major political party. – During the campaign, it is the duty of the journalistic and news television to organize an election debate. For the state, this is the standard in every democratic country. I leave it to your judgment whether the refusal to participate in the debate is a disregard for these standards, political competitors and all countries, i.e. voters – said the moderator Grzegorz Kajdanowicz at the beginning of the debate.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commented on the lack of participation in the debate. – Electoral staffs decide who debates whom and on what terms. I proposed the debate to Weber, who is the head of the European People’s Party, of which the Civic Platform is a part, said the head of government.

PiS does not want to debate with the Civic Coalition, and Mateusz Morawiecki and Jarosław Kaczyński – with Donald Tusk, because they have more to lose than to gain, unlike the head of the Civic Platform, and this is clear from research published by the Batory Foundation. – He could certainly convince the undecided on his side – says Edwin Bendyk, president of the Foundation.

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Research shows that 29 percent of potential voters of the democratic opposition are not entirely sure whether to vote for it. On the PiS side it is 34 percent. However, Kaczyński’s party has one additional problem: it is a political glass ceiling.

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– PiS can only count on the mobilization of its electorate. However, the opposition, including the Confederation, may reach the hesitant electorate – points out Szymon Gutowski from the Batory Foundation.

Debate without PiS participation

During the debate, Andrzej Domański from the Civic Platform said that the empty seat at the podium was proof of cowardice on the part of PiS. Then the politician approached the podium and placed a package of diapers on it.

– Maybe a representative of Law and Justice who is watching this will answer the question: what happened that after 8 years of PiS rule, half a million people, even though they work, are in extreme poverty? – said Dariusz Standerski from the New Left. This is not a random question, because the PiS electorate, but not only them, blames the government for the high prices. Poland under the rule of Kaczyński’s party, according to research, is not a country of equal opportunities. There is nepotism there, and in a crisis situation you cannot count on state aid. PiS voters also criticize the distribution policy.

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– The PiS electorate is dissatisfied with the party’s close ties with the Church. The PiS electorate is dissatisfied that TVP has become the government’s propaganda mouthpiece, says Szymon Gutowski.

PiS voters who are no longer sure about PiS indicate that there is no alternative. At least for now.

Main photo source: TVN24

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