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There are no drugs for diabetes. Especially one that has a slimming effect

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There is a problem with the availability of antidiabetic drugs in pharmacies. This is especially true for a product that, in addition to lowering sugar levels, also reduces body weight. As pharmacists say, the problem with the availability also applies to other drugs, such as antibiotics used to treat angina and pneumonia.

– People with diabetes have a really serious problem to buy drugs. Every morning we call wholesalers or check offers, maybe we can buy something. We have phones from all over Poland. As soon as a drug appears in stock – one or two packages – reservations are made immediately. Then the phone calls stop, Maria Sobolewska, a pharmacist from Bialystok, said in front of the TVN24 camera.

The biggest problem is with one new-generation antidiabetic product, which, apart from lowering sugar levels, also has a slimming effect.

There is a problem with the availability of antidiabetic drugs in pharmacies TVN24

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They will import medicines in foreign-language packaging

– Some doctors prescribe it to patients who should not necessarily use it, which now causes a problem for those who should take this medicine due to diabetes – said our reporter Mateusz Grzymkowski on TVN24.

In order to increase the availability of drugs on the market, the Minister of Health issued permits for temporary intervention import. The point is that pharmaceutical wholesalers who apply for it can import drugs in foreign-language packaging.

There are also no drugs other than antidiabetic drugs

However, this is a temporary solution, and as pharmacists inform, there is a shortage not only of antidiabetic drugs, but also of antibiotics used to treat angina or pneumonia. That is, specifics that are often bought during the sick season. It all started during the pandemic coronaviruswhen supply chains have been severely restricted. The Ministry of Health is planning new solutions, details are not yet known.

There are shortages of medicines everywhere, phones in pharmacies are disconnected. The problem is complex.

Main photo source: TVN24

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