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There are rumors that there is one thing that will convince Orban not to block EU support for Ukraine

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The European Council summit in December will be very important and it is not only about who will represent Poland there. This is about Ukraine’s financial liquidity. The leaders are supposed to approve EUR 50 billion of aid for this country. The problem is that Viktor Orban is consistently against it. This Union decision requires unanimity. There is speculation in Brussels that the Hungarian Prime Minister wants EUR 13 billion in EU funds for his country in exchange for giving up his veto on Ukraine.

The Kremlin can always count on the Hungarian government. When it turned out that Sergei Lavrov would appear at the OSCE summit, some countries, including Poland, did not send their delegations. When the Russian foreign minister spoke, many Western diplomats left the room. Viktor Orbán’s right-hand man – Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, remained in the room. He met with Lavrov in a cordial atmosphere, and during the meeting he expressed his opposition to military aid for Kiev, thanks to which Ukrainians are repelling Russian aggression. – We believe that arms supplies do not help. Weapons supplies prolong the war. We don’t need weapons in our region, we need peace, said Péter Szijjártó.

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This attitude of Hungary heralds another political crisis in Europe, with Ukraine in the background. In mid-December, the EU summit is to decide on EUR 50 billion in support for the Ukrainian economy. The heads of the EU member states also want to send a clear signal to Washington: we still support Kiev. And here comes the problem – Putin’s friend, Orban. His opposition may block aid. The Politico website writes that although Hungary represents only two percent of the EU’s population, the entire bloc may become Orban’s hostage, because the EU must make important strategic decisions unanimously.

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To avoid the worst-case scenario, a few days ago the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, arrived in Budapest on a special mission. The details of the talks with Orban are not known, but there is speculation in Brussels that the Hungarian Prime Minister wants EUR 13 billion from EU funds for his country, blocked for violating the rule of law, in order to give up his veto on Ukraine. For now, Orban said in a radio interview that Ukraine’s membership in the European Union and the start of accession negotiations now do not coincide with Hungary’s national interests.

Anti-EU posters and biased answers. The Hungarian government is slandering the EU half a year before the European Parliament electionsJakub Loska/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

Accumulation of problems

According to Orban, Ukraine is not prepared to join the European Union, and Brussels should conclude a strategic partnership agreement with Kiev for 5-10 years. The question is whether Orban will be so intransigent when it comes to Ukraine. It turns out that Hungary may take advantage of the confusion surrounding Ukrainian trucks and open its border to them. – I know from a reliable source that even Hungary, which has always been against helping Ukraine, suddenly says “we will open the crossings.” Because they know that you can make money – says Paweł Kowal from KO.

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The next question is what price Orban will give to unblock Sweden’s path to NATO. The alliance still remains a hostage to Hungary and Turkey, which were supposed to ratify Sweden’s membership in the fall. – 29 countries have ratified Sweden’s candidacy, two have not yet. We therefore expect Türkiye and Hungary to ratify Swedish membership without further delay. The strength and credibility of our alliance are at stake, we have no time to waste, says Catherine Colonna, French Minister of Foreign Affairs. However, the most serious problems with Orban in the background are yet to come. In the second half of 2024, at a key moment, right after the European Parliament elections, when Europe will be filling key positions, Hungary is to take over the EU presidency.

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