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There are several dozen people in the “good change millionaires club”.

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During the seven years of the United Right’s rule, at least 66 people joined the so-called “club of millionaires of good change”. Most of them found themselves in state-owned companies.

A senator, a doctor, and a pensioner. The account of the former Marshal of the Senate, Stanisław Karczewski, received over half a million zlotys in 2022 – although not so long ago, he convinced the protesting residents that “it is worth working for an idea. However, Stanisław Karczewski himself does not work for the idea either as a senator or as a doctor. In addition to almost PLN 150,000 in pension for his parliamentary work, he received almost PLN 200,000 and twice as much for his work in the hospital.

– Not just to make money. The side effect is this, but I relieve my colleagues – explained the former Marshal of the Senate in 2022. -These assignments were performed correctly. I have opinions that confirm this thesis – assured Karczewski in 2020.

Karczewski about his mortgage and the amount of installmentsRmf fm

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Marcin Pawlicki, Małgorzata Sadurska

Receiving remuneration for both jobs raises legal doubts, but Senator Karczewski has been a doctor for over three decades and it is hard to deny his competence or experience. In contrast to his numerous party colleagues, whose impressive fortunes appeared after PiS took power.

– Take care of the fat rats that run around the city streets. Take care of the fat rats – appealed on May 23 Marcin Pawlicki, PiS councilor in Szczecin, when journalists asked about his brilliant career in state-owned companies. Four years ago, Pawlicki was to send an e-mail to Joachim Brudziński with the content “Hello Joachim, I am sending you my CV”, and a moment later he would take a position on the supervisory board of Azoty in Tarnów, and then vice president of Enea, where in 2022 alone he earned over one million one hundred thousand zlotys.

Marcin Pawlicki is just one of the party’s lesser-known local activists. Former MP and head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, Małgorzata Sadurska – since she joined the management board of PZU SA – has earned over PLN 9 million. Only in 2022, she earned two million zlotys in the management board of PZU, and she was accompanied there by a former party colleague from the Sejm, Andrzej Jaworski, and the former head of the CBA, Ernest Bejda, associated with PiS.

July 13, 2021 |  Nepotism under PO-PSL and PiS rule. "The scale and pace are several times greater"

July 13, 2021 | Nepotism under PO-PSL and PiS rule. “Scale and pace several times greater”After PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński noticed that “fat cats” were damaging the image of power, he decided to adopt a special resolution on nepotism. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that under previous governments there was also nepotism, only the mainstream media kept silent about it. Not true, the media wrote and talked about nepotism also during the rule of PO-PSL. In addition, as the journalist of “Puls Biznesu”, who has been dealing with this topic for years, points out, nepotism under the rule of the United Right is many times greater than under the rule of PO-PSL.Arleta Zalewska | TVN facts

Daniel Obajtek, Ryszard Czarnecki

The earnings in state-owned companies, amounting to hundreds of thousands and millions of zlotys, can also be counted on by those associated with the party: Paweł Mucha, Maciej Łopiński, Jerzy Kwieciński or Krzysztof Kozłowski and, of course, Daniel Obajtek – the personification of a spectacular career thanks to the support of the ruling party. Only a few years ago, Obajtek was the mayor of a small Pcim in southern Lesser Poland. After PiS took power, he became the president of the Agency for Development and Modernization of Agriculture.

A moment later, Daniel Obajtek became the president of Energia, and finally Orlen. In the annual report published by Orlen, the remuneration of the management board is given not in zlotys, but in thousands of zlotys. Daniel Obajtek earned almost one million four hundred thousand zlotys, and he can get another million in the form of a bonus.

As Ryszard Czarnecki proves, additional profits can also be made outside state-owned companies. In his last declaration of assets – apart from the equivalent of about PLN 400,000 as an MEP’s salary – there is also an amount of PLN 160,000 for the chairmanship of the Polish Volleyball Foundation.

A year earlier, as vice-president of the Polish Volleyball Association, Ryszard Czarnecki declared that he would perform the function on a voluntary basis, but later it turned out that he was collecting about PLN 10,000 a month for this. “Others do it for the entire term, I do it for half the term,” he explained in 2021. According to an analysis by Wirtualna Polska journalists from 2022, at least 66 people have joined the “club of millionaires of good change” over the course of seven years. “Business talents” associated with the ruling party, which the private sector somehow does not appreciate.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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