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Sunday, December 10, 2023

“There are those who sell land or a house to pay these people to make an appointment with the consul.”

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The whole idea of ​​the referendum began with a question about immigrants, which – as the EU has already announced – no one will force Poland to accept them. Now we hear about over 200,000 immigrants from Asia and Africa who have already arrived in Poland. There was no debate about it. The case involves large-scale corruption, as PO leader Donald Tusk emphasizes. – There are those who sell land or a house to pay these people for making an appointment with the consul, and the visa is not guaranteed anyway – says a Nigerian living in Poland.

Promise Breno is a Nigerian who has been living in Poland for four years. – The procedure for granting a visa to Poland takes about two weeks – he says. On the Internet, Breno posts advice and conducts discussions about immigration to Poland and other countries. He praises Poles for helping Ukraine.

The Internet is full of videos in which Asians and Africans receive instructions on what to do to obtain a visa to Poland quickly and efficiently. One man boasts that it took him six hours. How many such visas have been issued in the last thirty months? – As for African and Asian countries: 250,000 visas – warns Donald Tusk. It’s a huge scale. The truth about Poland’s wide open borders is coming to light – on the Internet, in published government documents, in what residents of large Polish cities simply see on the streets. PiS politicians admit that they are open, but to legal immigration. – You can apply for a visa to Poland, work here, and build your life here – says Łukasz Schreiber, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers, PiS Committee.

PiS is open to immigration also from Africa and Asia. The proof was the plans to open a visa center in Łódź and issue hundreds of thousands of visas. Poland needs hands to work. – In some countries you cannot simply come to the Polish embassy. You need to report to a special agent, explains Promise Breno. Report it and pay a lot. Elsewhere, only the meeting at the consulate costs more than the visa itself. Many times more. – There are those who sell land or a house to pay these people for making an appointment with the consul, and the visa is not guaranteed anyway – adds Breno. This is corruption on a large scale – says the PO leader, who has questions for the president and PiS leaders: when did they know about this practice, did the services of NATO countries warn that among the hundreds of thousands there were people suspected of terrorism, and who was responsible for all this? he benefited materially from the procedure.

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Hołownia: visas were bought for money TVN24

Tusk is guilty as usual

According to Onet, the hastily dismissed deputy minister Piotr Wawrzyk was allegedly helping to create one of the illegal channels for transporting immigrants. Transfer to America cost up to forty thousand dollars. One group of immigrants from India even pretended to be a Bollywood film crew. The American services informed the Polish side about the procedure. What did the president know about visa trading? – I cannot reveal details about my knowledge – says Andrzej Duda. The prosecutor’s office says that seven people were charged in the investigation into visa issuance and three were arrested, but PiS politicians insisted on Thursday that one person was guilty – as usual, Donald Tusk. – Poland is safe for everyone. Including for women – assures Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek.

On Thursday, PiS threatened people with images from the island of Lampedusa, and PiS politicians bent over backwards to defend the idea of ​​a referendum in which we were to say “no” to the forced relocation of immigrants. Relocation, which will not happen anyway, and which could affect less than 2,000 people. But those who bought Polish visas for bribes, skipping the procedures, are in fact as illegal as those on a boat at sea or caught near a fence.

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