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There is a shortage of people willing to become a foster family. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of sufficient state support

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One hundred in Krakow, twenty-five in Biała Podlaska – so many children are still waiting for their longed-for home. Inflation and insufficient state support are the main reasons why there is still a shortage of people willing to become foster parents.

They came to them day by day. Neglected and frozen. – At its worst, it was actually an average boy, because his age indicated that he should at least be standing or even walking. Later, of course, there were neurological consultations and it turned out that his legs were simply frostbitten – says Krystyna Polkowska, who adopted the boys together with her husband. Today, children are surrounded by care and love. Three-year-old Paweł, two-year-old Michał and four-year-old Fabian with their family have been together for almost three years. – We knew what a great need for love, interest, care is, that children need it – says Paweł Polkowski.

There are still far too few foster families to meet these needs. This is a problem all over Poland – which local governments are alarming about. – Exactly almost a hundred children are waiting to be placed in such a foster family – explains Dariusz Nowak, spokesman for the City of Krakow.

Foster Parenting Day. “We want to show them how a normal home works”Marta Warchol | Facts in the afternoon

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Promotional campaigns

– In Szczecin hospitals, we still have several newborns who should be placed in foster care – explains Maciej Homis from the Municipal Family Support Center in Szczecin. However, there are more problems. – 25 children are placed in care and education facilities. We have not found a place for these children in foster families – explains Ewa Borkowska from the Municipal Family Support Center in Biała Podlaska.

Local governments in social campaigns encourage foster parenthood. In Biała Podlaska, the action is carried out under the slogan “Wanted, Wanted”. As part of the campaign, you can watch a photo session of foster families, read leaflets on how to become such a parent, or take part in special meetings. Mrs Kamila and her husband Marcin have six children. Four biological and two in foster care. – Huge satisfaction, there is a great sense of love. From this child too. It also shows in its own way – assures Kamila Talaczyńska.

An extraordinary donation for the Children's Home in Długie

An extraordinary donation for the Children’s Home in DługieTVN24

“Help” of the state

What foster parents have in common is that they all admit that they spend more on a child than they receive from the state. – If there is a need to go with a child to a psychiatrist, privately, suddenly to a neurologist, to a psychologist, to an ophthalmologist and repair his teeth, which comes with broken permanent teeth, then it is an immediate cost of PLN 2,000 – says Mrs. Kamila.

The NIK report also confirms insufficient state support for foster families. You can read in it, among other things, about the non-financing of local family support programs or about the negligence of the minister of family and social policy. On the very day when the report was published on the NIK website, the ministry announced a competition for the implementation of a social campaign promoting foster parenting.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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